“Destiny 2” Trailer Launches With 2 Minutes Of 4K UHD Footage


“Destiny 2” for PS4 and Xbox console variants has been around for weeks to impress owners of PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One S consoles and their older cousins. However, the PC version of the game, with all its 4K-capable glory, has yet to make an arrival. Those who want this version, and maybe especially gamers who own ultra-HD-capable GPUs and the 4K PC Monitor combos to go with them, will have to wait until October 24th for the “Destiny 2” PC release.

What is however available right now, as a sort of teaser to what 4K PC owners can expect, is the “Destiny 2” trailer in full 4K UHD glory on YouTube. The clip shows off 2 minutes of game visuals at a smooth 60fps in ultra HD 2160p resolution and while the video is definitely more “cinematic” than what the typical gamer would experience while playing the game normally, it does give a pretty accurate portrayal of what kind of graphics Destiny 2 for PC can produce with the right sort of ultra HD PC rig and a powerful enough GPU. A further major difference between the PC version of the game and its console variants is the fact that the October 24th PC release allows for uncapped frame rates, letting gamers with truly serious, beefy gaming computer rigs take their frame rates as far as their hardware can handle them, either in 4K resolution or whatever works best.

GPU's like NVIDIA's GTX-10 Series are particularly well suited for playing "Destiny 2" for PC at high frame rates in 4K resolution

GPU’s like NVIDIA’s GTX-10 Series are particularly well suited for playing “Destiny 2” for PC at high frame rates in 4K resolution

“Destiny 2” runs with the universe from the original Destiny game but with some serious improvements pretty much across the board, meaning that fans of the first edition should be more than pleased with what they get in this already highly rated version (at least the console release so far).

Gamers who want to get their hands on “Destiny 2” for PC will have to buy the game through Blizzard’s Battle.net app and since this is an Activision game release, it’s probably the first time a non-Blizzard game has been released via Battle.net. It’s also worth noting here that those who pre-order “Destiny 2” for PC will be given the bonus feature of a Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle when they start playing their copy of the game once it goes live.

Now, as for the trailer itself, here it is. We really recommend watching this one on a 4K UHD TV or PC monitor with YouTube 2160p resolution activated.


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