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DICE Announces New ‘Battlefield 1’ Multiplayer Game Mode For Scout, Medic Classes

Game developer DICE has announced a new game mode for “Battlefield 1,” called Line of Sight. The new mode is available starting this week and puts focus on Medic and Scout classes.

DICE has described the custom game Line of Sight as a variant of Rush. The twist here is that players will only be able to play as either a Medic or a Scout. The Scout class, or Sniper class, will have double bullet damage making it a lot more deadlier in Line of Sight.

To balance the game’s teams, the logical counter for this type of advantage is the Medic class, which comes with semi-automatic rifles and the ability to heal or revive fallen teammates, as pointed out by DICE on its announcement in the “Battlefield” website.

DICE says that Line of Sight for “Battlefield 1” will be available this week, but it didn’t provide an exact date. Line of Sight is the second new custom game mode for “Battlefield 1” with the first one being Fog of War, which was made available earlier this month, according to GameSpot. Fog of War comes with the extra challenge of trying to spot enemies when an extra layer of dense fog is on the map.

DICE also reminded fans that it will be releasing a new multiplayer map called Giant’s Shadow in December. The map will be set in the Battle of the Selle in Paris, France during 1918. The map will arrive as part of a free update next month. The developer also told fans that the first “Battlefield 1” expansion called They Shall Not Pass will arrive in March 2017.

The announcement of the new Line of Sight game mode also came with a bit of a disappointing news. “Battlefield” franchise publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that there won’t be a new entry into the series for 2017 as it will focus more on the sequel to last year’s “Star Wars: Battlefront,” as reported by PC Gamer.


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