Did SUSE Linux Just Take a Dig at Red Hat Linux?

Brief: It seems that SUSE Linux just took a potshot at Red Hat Linux in its latest parody video. See the video and decide for yourself.

I am a huge fan of SUSE Linux…. parody videos. I even call SUSE the coolest Linux enterprise for the awesome Linux parody songs they make. I mean, who can forget the catchy Uptime Funk. Even today I sing ‘don’t reboot it just patch’.

The latest Game of Thrones parody video

SUSE Linux revealed its latest video, a parody of Game of Thrones. This video might not be as great as its previous parody videos but it is still fun to watch. Have a look at the video:

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However, you will realize that it actually takes a dig at Red Hat and its increasing closeness to Microsoft. The red capped (or should I say Red Hat) guys come to the Chamleesi and ask her to come to the king (Microsoft?). There are talks about stability, restrictions and freedom. Obviously, Chamleesi focuses on freedom here.

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It’s not new for SUSE

This is not the first time that SUSE has created such a video. They had a series of Mac vs PC vs Linux videos in the mid 2000’s where they took potshots at Microsoft and Apple. Here’s one of those numerous videos:

What do you think?

Both Red Hat and SUSE offer enterprise Linux service and compete to grab more of the common market share. Lately, Red Hat started collaborating with Microsoft with focus on containers. In return, Microsoft brought .Net to Red Hat’s offering. This gives Red Hat an edge to its ‘corporate offering’. Could this be the reason why SUSE focuses on ‘freedom’ part?

I hope that a little banter like this from SUSE doesn’t turn into a war. What do you think about it?