‘DiRT 4’ Release Date Details: Special Edition, Day One Edition Revealed Plus New ‘Your Stage’ Mode [VIDEO]

DiRT 4 arrives June 9 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC and with still another three months before its release, the team at Codemasters shared some new details about DiRT 4’s Day One Edition and Special Edition content.

First, the Day One Edition, as the name suggests, is reserved for DiRT 4 players that pre-ordered the game. Day One Edition comes with a bonus Hyundai R5 Rally Car, complete with a unique livery, Founder icon, as well as a special “event” for it.

As for the Special Edition, players will not only receive the Hyundai R5, livery, icons, and event, but also a Team Booster Pack that will most likely aid your career mode with a unique team offer, staff and facilities bonuses. Last, but not least, a special Steelbook will also be available from select retailers.

DiRT 4 will also offer several new features including ‘Your Stage,’ which allows players to create an infinite number of custom stages at a touch of a button. Begin with selecting from five distinct rally locations – Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden, and Wales – and choose from various terrain complexities during day/night and a choice of weather conditions.

“Your Stage is something that we have been working on since the launch of DiRT 3 in 2011,” said DiRT 4 Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman. “It allows players to generate an almost infinite variety of stages at all of the rally locations in DiRT 4. It’s a revelation as now our players will get the thrill of driving a new stage whenever they want.”

“Motorsport by its very nature is dangerous – it says so on the back of the ticket. DiRT 4 is all about embracing that danger. It’s about the thrill, exhilaration and adrenaline that is absolutely vital to off-road racing,” stated the game’s description. “And more than that, it’s about loving that feeling. It’s about pushing flat out next to a sheer cliff drop. Going for the gap that’s slightly too small. Seeing how much air you can get in a truck. They call it ‘being fearless.’”

Catch the DiRT 4 Your Stage trailer below:


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