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Disable the annoying Set up OneDrive popup on Windows 10

If you have upgraded a Windows PC already to the Windows 10 Creators Update, or installed this version on a PC, you may have noticed quite a few changes that come with it.

One of these is that you may get a "Set up OneDrive" popup when you open save or load file dialogs, or click on the OneDrive icon in File Explorer directly.

This is obviously only an issue if you don't use OneDrive, and have no desire to use it. Anyone who uses the built-in file synchronization service may fill out the requested authentication information once to be done with that.

If you don't plan on using OneDrive however, these set up OneDrive prompts may become annoying pretty fast.

Set up OneDrive popup

set up onedrive

I'm not sure what is happening in the background, but save or load file dialogs seem to trigger the OneDrive setup popup as if you'd click on the icon of the service in File Explorer.

So, if you don't plan on using OneDrive, the best way to address the issue is to uninstall Microsoft OneDrive from the computer.

This is done in the following way:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows-I to open the Settings application on Windows 10 Creators Update PCs.
  2. Navigate to Apps > Apps & Features.
  3. Type onedrive into the search, sort and filter by drive form displayed on the page that opens. This should return Microsoft OneDrive as one of the installed programs.
  4. Click on Microsoft OneDrive to expand its entry, and display the options that are supported.
  5. The uninstall button is active, so click on that to start the uninstallation of the service on the Windows 10 machine.
  6. Confirm the "This app and its related info will be uninstalled" prompt by selecting the uninstall option.
  7. Confirm the UAC prompt that is displayed.

uninstall onedrive

OneDrive is uninstalled at this point, and you should not get the "Set up OneDrive" popup prompts anymore when you use Save or Load dialogs, or use File Explorer.

You have two options if you need OneDrive support at a later point in time:

  1. Install the OneDrive UWP application that is offered on the Windows Store.
  2. Install the OneDrive legacy desktop program that you may download from here.

You may wonder how those two versions differ.

The OneDrive desktop programs supports features such as selective sync, automatic background syncing, upload and download speed controls, and more. The OneDrive UWP applications may be better suited for touch devices, uses a placeholder like system in which all files are highlighted even if you are not available locally.

Check out this article for a full list of pros and cons for both applications.

Now You: Do you use OneDrive, or a different file sync service?

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