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Disabling Google Chrome PDF viewer

Google Chrome has “Chrome PDF Viewer” to view or open pdf files. It is an unwanted feature. I do not need it at all. I want my PDF open in Preview on a MacOS X or default pdf viewer in Linux. This feature was hidden. I want to disable it from my Google Chrome browser because it was slow scrolling with a large pdf file sizes.

How To Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer

  1. First, open a new tab in Chrome browser (press CTRL+T or Command+T)
  2. Type the following url in your address bar and press enter key:
  3. Find “Chrome PDF Viewer” and disable it.
  4. Now all downloaded PDF files will open with your operating system pdf viewer such as Adobe reader, Preview on a MacOS X or evince/gpdf/kpdf on a Linux/BSD based system.

Fig.01: How To Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer


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