How To Display Linux Ubuntu System Information In Terminal

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  • Dec 01, 2016

How to display system information on Linux Ubuntu. Install Neofetch, a tool that shows Ubuntu Linux system information with distribution logo in terminal. The neofetch command will then display a brief info about the respective system. It displays info such as Model, OS, Kernel, CPU, GPU, Memory, Uptime, Packages, Shell, Resolution, DE, WM, WM Theme, Theme, Icons and Terminal.

Installing Neofetch

Run the following commands in Terminal to install neofetch in Linux Ubuntu Systems:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dawidd0811/neofetch
sudo apt update
sudo apt install neofetch

Using Neofetch


Once Neofetch is installed, simply use it in Terminal. Please note that Neofetch is a command-line tool and can only be used via Terminal command. To get a brief info about the system, simply run neofetch command in Terminal:

$ neofetch

Neofetch Command Options

There are many other command arguments or otions that can be used with the neofetch command.
In general the usage format is: neofetch –option “value” –option “value”

Basic Options:

–disable infoname Allows you to disable an info line from appearing in the output. NOTE: You can supply multiple args. eg. ‘neofetch –disable cpu gpu disk shell’
–image type Image source. Where and what image we display. Possible values: wall, ascii,

Text Formatting Option:

–colors x x x x x x Changes the text colors in this order: title, @, underline, subtitle, colon, info
–underline on/off enable/disable the underline.
–underline_char char Character to use when underlining title
–bold on/off Enable/Disable bold text

Color Blocks:

–color_blocks on/off Enable/Disable the color blocks
–block_width num Width of color blocks in spaces
–block_height num Height of color blocks in lines
–block_range start end Range of colors to print as blocks


–scrot | -s /path/to/img Take a screenshot, if path is left empty the screen-shot function will use $scrot_dir and $scrot_name.
–upload | -su /pth/t/img Same as –scrot but uploads the scrot to a website.
–image_host Website to upload scrots to. Takes: imgur, teknik
–scrot_cmd cmd Screenshot program to launch

For any info, run the command neofetch –help in Terminal.

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