Don’t install Nvidia driver 375.57 on Windows 10

Nvidia released a new driver for its video card on Friday, and it turned out quickly that the driver caused all kinds of issues on Windows 10 machines.

When it comes to the installation of new drivers, display drivers or others, it is usually a good idea to wait a couple of days before you install them on one of your computers.

If you have the means, it is usually best to test the driver on a test system to make sure it will likely run fine on production machines as well.

Nvidia’s Geforce Game Ready Driver 375.57 driver comes with optimizations for Battlefield 1, Civilization VI and the soon to be released Titanfall 2. Considering that the driver brings along with it optimizations for these much anticipated and popular games, it was no surprise that gamers started to download and install the Nvidia Geforce Game Ready Driver 375.57 on their machines to take advantage of it.

Especially users on Windows 10 PCs noticed shortly thereafter that the driver was causing all kinds of issues on their system.

Some symptoms observed by Windows 10 users was that Windows Store apps started to crash, that drag and drop operations in the Start Menu did not work as intended and were causing issues, and that videos and animated GIFs were showing artifacts.

Nvidia did release Geforce Game Ready Driver 375.63 shortly thereafter which fixed those issues. It is already offered on the official Nvidia website and the Geforce website where it has replaced the defect driver. If you thought that is the end of the story, you are mistaken.

nvidia driver

If you run Nvidia’s Geforce Experience software, you know that it is the primary tool on many machines to update drivers.

Turns out, the tool is still offering version 375.57 for download, and not the newer version of the driver that fixed the issues that users experienced.

It is unclear why the older driver is still listed in the application and not the newer one. Users who operate PCs with Nvidia video cards should download and install Nvidia drivers manually from the website, and not use Geforce Experience for that. This is especially true for users on Windows 10 PCs, but users on machines running older versions of Windows should do the same as it provides them with an up to date driver.

Geforce Experience was in the news recently as the latest version of the software made user registration mandatory. This is just another reason why you may want to avoid the program. While it offers simple configurations for games — that sometimes work and other times don’t — it offers nothing in that regard that you cannot do directly in the game as well.

You will also eliminate another background service that runs all the time on your PC.


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