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‘Dota 2’ Dark Moon Event Offers Unique Mode And Rewards Through Early February

A new Dota 2 in-game event, called Dark Moon, began its life in surprising fashion this week. The latest addition to Valve’s popular MOBA introduces a new game mode, not unlike the Horde mode popularized by Gears of War, and tons of new gear for Dota 2 players to collect.

Those interested in the new Dark Moon content might be pleased to know it’s getting its own separate queue, at least until the mode disappears in early February, to make that portion of the game accessible without forcing Dota 2 players to rely on existing matchmaking. Once you’ve started a round, Dark Moon tasks players with surviving increasingly large crowds of “shades” before the forces of darkness manage to destroy your temple. Each survived assault earns the player more “event points” which can be spent on a variety of Dark Moon rewards. You might even find yourself the lucky recipient of a baby Roshan courier.

Here’s the official back story on the latest in-game event to hit Dota 2:

For millennia, the warriors of the Nightsilver Woods have stood vigilant against vile forces intent on the advent of a Dark Moon, earning both title and divine charge in sacred defense of the Goddess Selemene. But now, as the night of the new moon falls, Selemene’s chosen lie helpless behind her temple walls, victims of an arcane slumber that has left the temple grounds undefended.

With Selemene’s influence at its weakest, and twisted shades of the familiar creeping across her domain, the Moon Goddess beckons five new protectors to stand in the stead of her champions against the corruption of the Dark Moon Horde. Will you be one to answer the hallowed call?

Dark Moon isn’t going to be a long event. Valve has already confirmed the latest addition to Dota 2 will be pulled early next month, no matter how many of you haven’t finished the content included.

Dota 2 is currently available for download on PC, Mac and Linux. The latest in-game event, Dark Moon, comes to an end on Feb. 6, 2017.

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