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About two years ago, Google announced its new photo and video storing and sharing service called Google Photos. In order to focus on Google Photos, it retired Picasa. While retiring Picasa service, it made sure that all photos stored in Picasa albums are automatically moved to Google Photos service.

Google Picasa for Windows 10

Although Google no longer develops and supports Picasa, the Picasa program is fully compatible with Windows 10 as the last version (v 3.9 build 141.259) about six months after the release of Windows 10. And the best part is that you can upload photos and videos from Google Picasa client to the new Google Photos service.

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Many of you might be wondering why use Google Picasa instead of Google Photos app. As you might know, Google Photos app for Windows 10 is nothing but just a plane photo and video uploader unlike Google Picasa which has tons of features and options. Picasa also comes with a built-in Photo Viewer which can replace the default Photos app in Windows 10.

Since it’s possible to manage photos and upload photos to Google Photos from Google Picasa desktop client, you might want to use Picasa program instead of Photos app to continue enjoy those handy features.

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Google Picasa features

Before we tell you how and where to download Google Picasa for Windows 10, let us have a look at some of the best features of Google Picasa desktop client for Windows.

With Picasa for Windows, you can easily organize and manage videos and photos saved on your PC. Of course, you can upload photos and videos to your Google Photos account using Picasa.

Picasa has an excellent built-in photos viewer which can be used as an alternative to the default Photos app in Windows 10 to view photos. There are tools to crop, remove redeye, add text, remove blemishes, adjust brightness and contrast, and straighten photos.

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You can create photos collage, create video clip presentation, publish a photos album to a FTP server and create a gift CD.

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Picasa also supports batch photo editing and even enables you associate an audio track to each album so that you can enjoy the slideshow with your favorite background music.

Without a doubt, Picasa from Google is certainly the best photo and video management software out there for Windows 10. Sadly, its replacement, Google Photos lacks most of its features.

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As said before, you can upload photos and videos to Google Photos from Picasa client. So, if you’re looking for a good photo and video management software with tons of features, you can download Google Picasa from the link mentioned at the end of this article.

Download Google Picasa

Please note that Google Picasa is no longer available to download from Google. So, you need to download it from third-party software distribution websites. Visit the following link to download the last version of Google Picasa for Windows 10.

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