Download Google Play Music Desktop Player for Windows 10/8/7


Google has recently joined the music rental service. Although Google Play Music comes at a very affordable price tag, you need an Android mobile to get it running. Even though, there is a Chrome extension that helps people play music through the browser via Google Play Music; some people do not like to use a browser to play music. Here is a solution for you!

Download Google Play Music Desktop Player for Windows and play any music anytime right from the desktop. Although it is not an unofficial app, you can check the source code on Github since this is an open-source app for Windows. Let’s take a look at the features of Google Play Music Desktop Player.

Google Play Music Desktop Player for Windows

Google Play Music Desktop Player for Windows

In this app, you will get almost all the features that the Android mobile version provides. In other words, you would be able to play music without any problem. Also, if you have the premium subscription, you can browse the deeper library and find more music on the go. Apart from that, you can search for any particular music, artist, album, genre, etc.

The second important feature is that you can link your last.fm account with this app and hence, you would be able to use it properly as well. Another useful feature is you can set up hotkeys to perform certain tasks. It is also possible to execute different tasks right from the system tray.

To get started with Google Play Music Desktop Player, at first download and install it on your Windows machine. After opening it, you need to sign in to your Gmail or Google account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to manage your music library.

Here you can manage everything mentioned earlier. That means you would be able to explore different albums, artists, genre, language, and much more. Whenever you want to play a song, just hit the “Play” button.

You can set this app up as per your requirements. Some of the settings are as follows-

  • Automatically launch when you start your computer
  • Use custom theme
  • Enable/disable JSON/Playback API
  • Setup hotkeys

All these can be found in Desktop Settings section. However, if you want to improve streaming quality, manage music playing history or location history, you need to go to the Settings section.

Hope you would like this unofficial Google Play Music Desktop Player for Windows. If you do, you can download it from here.