Download KDE Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper – Canopée Plasma Wallpaper

Download KDE Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper. KDE Plasma 5.9 is released with a brilliant KDE Plasma Canopée Plasma wallpaper. Ubuntu users can download the KDE Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper and use it on their own system.

KDE designer Ken Vermette wrote about creating the wallpaper. He wrote:

This wallpaper is aiming for the same effect as Bismuth from Plasma 5.8, but the colours have been turned down from “11”. The development of this wallpaper was a little bit harrowing; I had several designs which were started and scrapped in rapid succession. It’s easy to imagine a few lines in pencil as looking good, but in reality only the initial vector work will tell you if it’ll work. Inkscape for some reason also evolved a rather massive memory leak, swelling to 5+ GB of RAM usage after only a few dozen gradient adjustments, sending my machine grinding to swap.

Finally I composite it all in GIMP at a 5120×3200 resolution. This wallpaper had a huge number of corrections in post, including one missed glow, a small run of polygons which were ‘flat’, and several mistakes in the jittered layer. After those corrections the final result is at the top of this post. This wallpaper will be available for Plasma 5.9 at 4K resolutions, but if you can’t wait to get it the top image links to the 2560×1600 version.

Download KDE Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper

Download the Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper “Canopee” from:

Read more about the creation of the wallpaper:

Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper “Canopee”

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