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Download Office 365 ProPlus Deployment guide for IT Pros


The new Office 365 ProPlus Deployment Guide for IT pros is now available for free download. Created by a team of Office 365 deployment experts, this guide features actionable guidance and tools required for better deployment, management of Office 365 ProPlus. The detailed guide will help IT professionals with the preferred deployment practices of Office 365 ProPlus and better approach to channel management.

Office 365 ProPlus Deployment guide

Office 365 ProPlus Deployment guide

Office 365 Pro Plus is a new desktop productivity suite by Microsoft that comes with many Office 365 plans. This full version of Office includes Lync, InfoPath, OneNote, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other Office applications.

Microsoft offers this suite on a monthly subscription license. Unlike the other common license versions of Microsoft Office, Office 365 ProPlus is installed and automatically updated via Microsoft’s technology called ‘Click-to-run. The productivity suite runs locally on a Windows PC and users’ don’t need an internet connection to use it.

Preferred Practices Guide for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

IT Pros who are running software deployment projects are the target audience of this guide. They can use the Preferred Practices to understand what was implemented.


The eBook provides a detailed guidance for customer scenarios and Office 365 usage scenarios. This section of the guide comprises of real feedbacks from customers and partners and also key technical details about deploying Office 365 ProPlus. IT Pros can then help customers moving to Office 365 ProPlus. This section also includes the real world examples and actionable scenarios to deploy Office 365 ProPlus successfully.

The Preferred Practices included are-

  • Assessment– This phase includes environment assessment and application compatibility assessment. The guide helps IT pros to understand the possible compatibility issues with Office 365 ProPlus.
  • Plan– This phase includes planning Office source locations, channel membership, base client packaging, and configuring deployments. Planning phase focuses on setting up the user groups.
  • Deploy– This phase of the guide helps IT pros to learn more about the deployment options such as Cloud managed deployment, enterprise managed and locally managed deployment. The deployment phase of the guide includes XML templates for configuration process and the tools required for customizing and managing Office 2016 Click-to-run deployments.
  • Manage– This phase will help IT pros to handle managed as well as the unmanaged deployment scenarios. It also includes guidance about the channel updates, patching and ongoing management and maintenance of the program.

The Office 365 ProPlus Deployment Guide is a helpful resource for IT Pros, and some of the topics are externally linked to the TechNet articles.

Microsoft promises the periodical update of this guide and to refine these practices of Office 365 ProPlus deployment. Head over to the FastTrack page and download this guide to plan, deploy and operate Office 365 ProPlus successfully.


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