Download Tails Linux 2.0 ISO CD/DVD

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) version 2.0 has been released. It is a Debian-based security-focused Linux distribution, and it is designed to increase privacy and anonymity online. This release fixes many security issues, and users should upgrade as soon as possible.
Download tails 2.0

What is so special Tails Linux distro?

  1. Live CD or USB booting.
  2. Leave no digital footprint on the machine unless explicitly told to do so.
  3. Tails forces all its outgoing connections go through Tor network.
  4. All non-anonymous connections blocked.
  5. Use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship.
  6. Use state-of-the-art cryptography tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging.

What’s new in Talis version 2.0?

  1. GNOME Shell in classic mode.
  2. Debian 8 (Jessie), which upgrades most included software and improves many things under the hood.
  3. LibreOffice 4.3
  4. PiTiVi 0.93
  5. Git 2.1.4
  6. Poedit 1.6.10
  7. Liferea 1.10
  8. Update Tor Browser to 5.5 (based on Firefox 38.6.0 ESR) including Japanese support.
  9. Remove the Windows camouflage due to broken software in Gnome.
  10. Systemd.
  11. Sandbox many services using Linux namespaces and make them harder to exploit.
  12. And much more.

Download the Tails 2.0 ISO DVD/CD images


Or you can use the wget command on Linux or Unix-like system to grab files:
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget
$ ls -l
$ gpg --keyid-format long --import tails-signing.key
$ gpg --keyid-format 0xlong --verify tails-i386-2.0.iso.sig tails-i386-2.0.iso

Sample outputs:

Fig.01: How to verify the Talis ISO image

Fig.01: How to verify the Talis ISO image

How do I install the ISO image?

Installing Tails can be quite long and little difficult for new users. I suggest you read the official installation guide for more information. More information regarding the latest release can be found here.

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