Download These Stunning Premium 4K Themes for Windows 10

How to Download 4K Themes for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

Recently, Microsoft released a number of new premium 4K themes via the Store for Windows 10. They are available in *.deskthemepack format and can be installed with one click. Each theme include a set of beautiful wallpapers related to theme’s topic, e.g. nature, landscapes, buildings, etc.

Premium themes available on Microsoft Store usually include stunning 4K wallpapers which can be used on any device with Windows 10. They look especially great when you have a 4K screen connected to your device. In this post, I would like to share the following collection of 4K Premium Themes.

Download 4K Themes for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

Staircases PREMIUM

Rising, descending, and gracefully curving, take in the beauty of these 12 architectural staircases.

Staircases PREMIUM BigStaircases PREMIUM

Download Staircases PREMIUM


The cities, sailboats, and savannahs in these 17 simple renderings of places far and near will have you imagining what’s next on your bucket list.

What Next PREMIUMWhat Next PREMIUM Stripe

Download What Next PREMIUM

Take a Moment PREMIUM

Relax into simple and peaceful getaways in 10 premium 4K images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Take A Moment PREMIUMTake A Moment PREMIUM Stripe

Download Take a Moment PREMIUM

Wish You Were Here PREMIUM

Some moments are meant for sharing, and this free, 9 image premium 4k Windows 10 theme has a couple we’d like to share with you.

Wish You Were Here PREMIUMWish You Were Here PREMIUM Stripe

Download Wish You Were Here PREMIUM

Street Views PREMIUM

Take a delightful tour through colorful narrow village streets in this 18-image premium 4k set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Street Views PREMIUMStreet Views PREMIUM Stripe

Download Street Views PREMIUM

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM

Waterfalls cascade over mountains, through forests, and onto beaches from China to Iceland in these 19 premium 4k images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUMStunning Waterfalls PREMIUM Stripe

Download Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM

Ice Crystals PREMIUM

Etch your desktop with frosty swirls and elaborate patterns in these 15 premium 4k images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Ice Crystals PREMIUMIce Crystals PREMIUM Stripe

Download Ice Crystals PREMIUM

Sun and Sand PREMIUM

Travel from Mexico to the Maldives without leaving your desk. You can almost feel the sun’s warmth and hear the murmur of the surf in these 10 premium 4k images.

Sun And Sand PREMIUMSun And Sand PREMIUM Stripe

Download Sun and Sand PREMIUM

Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM

The sweetness of these images of youngsters and their mothers, from fox to grizzly to chimp, speaks to the abiding bond they share.

Animal Mothers 2 PremiumAnimal Mothers 2 Premium Stripe

Download Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM

Panoramic Cityscape PREMIUM

Take in the stunning sweep of city lights by day and night. These panoramas span the globe from Sydney to Prague to Singapore to Dubai.

Panoramic Cityscape PremiumPanoramic Cityscape Premium Stripe

Download Panoramic Cityscape PREMIUM

Explore the USA PREMIUM

Learn about the 50 USA state capitals’ locations and get a captioned image of an iconic landscape from each of the 50 states in this 25-image premium set.

Explore The USA PremiumExplore The USA Premium Stripe

Explore the USA PREMIUM

Panoramic Train Views PREMIUM

Take the long route with these sweeping views from train windows.

Panoramic Train Views Premium

Panoramic Train Views Premium Stripe

Download Panoramic Train Views PREMIUM

Painting in Light PREMIUM

Follow the fluid stream of liquid light in these 12 long-exposure 4k premium images.

Painting In Light PremiumPainting In Light Premium Stripe

Download Painting in Light PREMIUM

Beach Time PREMIUM

Imagine yourself on soft sands under sunny skies in these 15 idyllic premium 4k images.

Beach Time PREMIUMBeach Time PREMIUM Stripe

Download Beach Time PREMIUM

Modern Art PREMIUM

Explore a new perspective with these 12 images of contemporary art.

Modern Art PREMIUM

Modern Art PREMIUM StripeDownload Modern Art PREMIUM

Winding Roads PREMIUM

Make your way up, down, and around hairpin curves in these 18 thrilling premium 4k images.

Winding Roads PREMIUMWinding Roads PREMIUM Stripe

Download Winding Roads PREMIUM

A Moment of Hygge PREMIUM

Cozy, comfy, and communal – this is the essence of “hygge”. Put yourself in a warm mood with these 16 premium 4k images.

A Moment Of Hygge PremiumA Moment Of Hygge Premium Stripe

Download A Moment of Hygge PREMIUM

Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM

Imagine hitting the road on one of these rare, classic motorbikes. These 15 premium 4k images are free for Windows 10 Themes.

Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUMVintage Motorcycles PREMIUM Stripe

Download Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM

National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM

See icebergs, glaciers, and sea caves from the coldest, driest, and windiest continent in these 12 premium 4k images.

National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM

National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM StripeDownload National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM

Classic Cars PREMIUM

Tour through time with these 20 4k premium images of vintage automobiles.

Classic Cars PREMIUMClassic Cars PREMIUM Stripe

Download Classic Cars PREMIUM


Colorful flowers, animals, birds, and more are folded, bunched, and quilled in this 16-image 4k premium set.

Paper Art PREMIUMPaper Art PREMIUM Stripe

Download Paper Art PREMIUM

Fractal Art PREMIUM

Fractal Art PREMIUMFractal Art PREMIUM Stripe

Download Fractal Art PREMIUM

National Geographic Underwater PREMIUM

Go under the sea with National Geographic photographers to explore corals, reefs, and sea life in this premium 4k set of 12 images.

National Geographic Underwater PREMIUMNational Geographic Underwater PREMIUM Stripe

Download National Geographic Underwater PREMIUM

Colors of Holi PREMIUM

Celebrate the beginning of spring with bursts of colorful powder in this premium 4k image set.

Colors Of Holi PREMIUMColors Of Holi PREMIUM Stripe

Download Colors of Holi PREMIUM

National Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUM

Find a wide range of the smallest of birds in this 12-image premium 4k set.

National Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUMNational Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUM Stripe

Download National Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUM

Mountain Light PREMIUM

Take in these sweeping views of 18 spectacular mountains around the world.

Mountain Light PREMIUMMountain Light PREMIUM Stripe

Download Mountain Light PREMIUM

River Deltas

Seen from above, these waterways take on abstract shapes and colors in this 10-image premium 4k set.

River DeltasRiver Deltas Stripe

Download River Deltas

Light Trails

A night on the road is illuminated with long-exposure photography in this 10-image premium 4k set.

Light TrailsLight Trails Stripe

Download Light Trails

Bonus: Extra Themes (non-4K)

Leafy Structures

Zoom in on the branching veins of colorful leaves in these 14 images. This is not a 4K theme, but it is still great.

Leafy StructuresLeafy Structures Stripe

Download Leafy Structures

Chilly Morning

Take in the frosty, light-filled views of early winter mornings while keeping warm at your desk in these 15 images. This is not a 4K theme, but it is still great.

Chilly MorningChilly Morning Stripe

Download Chilly Morning

Day on the Farm

Delight in the simple things with these images of barns, countryside, crops, and creatures with these 18 desktop backgrounds. This is not a 4K theme, but it is still great.

Day On The Farm

Day On The Farm StripeDownload Day on the Farm

Fabrics of India

Fabrics Of IndiaFabrics Of India Stripe

Feast your eyes on the rich textures and intricate embroidery of these vibrant textiles. This 18-image set is free for Windows 10 Themes.

Download Fabrics of India

Panoramic Train Views

Take the long route with these sweeping views from train windows.

Panoramic Train ViewsPanoramic Train Views Stripe

Download Panoramic Train Views