Download Windows 10 Build 10159 ISO

Earlier today, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10159 to Windows Insiders. The latest build comes with a tonne of bug fixes, the new Windows 10 wallpaper and an improved login screen. Other than that, there isn’t anything else new on this build.

Unfortunately enough, some users aren’t getting Build 10159 on Windows Update and there seems to be issue with the delivering system. Thankfully though, we were able to get our hands-on an ISO file of 10159 (en_US, x64).

Download Windows 10 Build 10159 x64 English ISO here!(Alternative link)

If you don’t trust this ISO, you can create your own ISO using the ESD file downloaded from Microsoft. Download Windows 10 Build 10159 ESD file here.

Windows 10 Build 10159 x64 ISO Torrent Link

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