Dragon Quest X Offline Screenshots Show Guest Party Members & MMORPG Spell of Restoration

Square Enix released a new gallery of screenshots and details of the upcoming JRPG Dragon Quest X Offline.

The screenshots showcase the fact that several guest characters can accompany you in your adventure for a while as temporary members of your party.

There are over 10 of these characters available in the game.

Perhaps the more interesting element we see is the fact that Square Enix has found a rather clever way of keeping players involved even after they finish the game, while sticking close to the traditions of the Dragon Quest series.

Once you clear Drago Quest X Offline, you’ll receive a special Spell of Restoration (Fukkatsu no Jumon, the password that was used in the oldest Dragon Quest games to save and load at certain points of the story) code.

When entered in the MMORPG Dragon Quest X Online, this code will boost all of the jobs included in the offline JRPG version to level 70, so you can pretty much pick up where you left off.

You can enjoy the screenshots below.

Dragon Quest X Offline releases in Japan in the summer of 2022 for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

The game has not been announced for the west and it wasn’t included in Square Enix’s western Tokyo Game Show programming, which isn’t a good sign in the perspective of a localization. It’s quite likely that, like its online version, Dragon Quest X Offline will remain confined to Japan.

Of course, never say never, as one would argue that this would be the perfect chance to let western fans experience the Dragon Quest stories they have been missing, but for now, a localization seems unlikely. All we can do is keep asking and hoping.

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