Dyson Zone headphones and air purifier release date revealed

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Dyson's experimental headphones and air purifying mask combo will go on sale in China in January 2023, followed by a rollout to the UK, US, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore from March.

First announced in March this year, the Dyson Zone concept is a unique one - we even got to try out the device ourselves in May. It comprises over-ear, wireless noise cancelling headphones that can be worn like any usual pair, providing 50 hours of battery life and "full-spectrum" audio playback.

However, you can also attach an included air-purifying mask to them, which will block out "99 per cent of article polution" down to 0.1 microns in size. This will also prevent city gases, including NO2 and SO2, thanks to a K-Carbon filter.

The Dyson Zone supports fast charging through USB-C, which ensures they can go from flat to 100 per cent in just three hours.

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There are 11 microsofts without the product, with eight of them used for the advanced noise cancelling technology. Its frequency range is 0.08 per cent at 94dB @1kHz.

Dyson will sell the Dyson Zone device on its own website, in Dyson stores and at demo zone in malls. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

You can find out more about it in our round-up feature: What is Dyson Zone and how do the air purifying headphones work?

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