Earth Defense Force 6 Gets Tons of New Screenshots Showing Enemies & Soldiers

Today D3 Publisher released plenty of screenshots of the next mainline Earth Defense Force game Earth Defense Force 6.

We a massive and mysterious ring with a circumference of several kilometers. It’s the largest flying object ever seen, but so far it hasn’t attacked, just quietly observing humanity.

A machine life form that has been named Fusion Life Form No.1 by the Advanced Technology Research Department is a new enemy, partly mechanic and partly organic, and extremely hostile.

The Fusion Life Form No. 2 is similar, but bigger and bearing heavier arms and armor.

More screenshots show the “Fencers,” armored soldiers wearing a powerful exoskeleton, and the Air Raider, infantry soldiers tasked to direct airstrikes and supply drops.

That being said, since EDF Base 251 doesn’t have many supplies anymore, and it’s difficult to even imagine the possibility of calling upon the air force, attack satellites, or submarines, so the ability of the Air Raiders to perform effectively is in doubt.

You can check out all the screenshots below.

Earth Defense Force 6 is coming in late 2021 at least in Japan. Platforms have not been announced officially, but considering that Sony has published its trailer, we can assume it’ll come to at least one PlayStation console.

If you want to see more, you can check out a batch of images released last year, and another, the first gameplay, the first trailer, and more screenshots.

If you can’t wait for more Earth Defense Force, the definitely more light-hearted EDF: World Brothers is currently available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC:

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