EaseUS Review- Best Free Data Recovery Software 2017


EaseUS Review | Best Free data recovery software: Did it ever happen to you that you’re worked hard to gathered data but all of sudden it disappears and your hit your foot hard in anger but don’t know which to cry about the ache or the mental frustration?

There are fair chances that it has happened to the majority of us. Your data can be lost because of a number of factors. It can be because of hardware or system malfunction, according to research two-fifths of users lose data because of hardware and system malfunction. Other causes can include viruses, software corruption or human error. Either way, it’s not a pleasure experience.

We bring for you an amazing data recovery software that will recover all your files precisely from the PC, hard drive, laptop, SSD, USB, memory card and digital camera, etc. EaseUSis free file recovery software which recovers all of your lost data.

EaseUS free recovers all the crucial data that for sudden deletion, formatting, virus, software corruption, system crash, volume loss, and any other errors. This file recovery software effectively works in the given situations and restores all your data in its original form.

It makes you clear about all the lost data before recovery in a preview and gets lost files back in a remarkable recovery speed and precision. Basic “quick scan” and further “deep scan” tracks down the lost documents, files, pictures or any other media. You can also import and export your scanning results whenever necessary. Just import your results and recover data without scanning.

This free data recovery software supports many languages such as English, German, Japanese, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch, traditional and simplifies Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Norwegian, and Polish, Hungarian, Arabic and Turkish.

Its latest version 11.0 has a brand new interface that makes the recovery process easier than before. Improve scanning process with optimization of file filtering function after scanning for recovery.

EaseUS data recovery software is the best in its category. Through its intuitive interface, urgent data recovery process can be done just in few steps.

Step 1:

Launch the app. set a location and start finding the data. This option is suitable if the loss is due to deleting, losing a partition, etc.

Step 2:

Scan your computer and device. The upper part of the program will show a process bar which will tell about the recovery process and remaining time. The first scan will be very quick which will bring the list of all the programs that are simply deleted from recycle bin.

After a quick scan, our program will do section scanning. Please do not interrupt in the process of recovery of the files.

Step 3:

The scan results will then show the results. After previewing the results, you can then select the target device and press recover and save them in any other folder except the one where it got lost in the first place.

The individuals highly rate the program. You can visit our website now and can see the reviews plus different offers. easeus.com you can also contact us through our website. Don’t delay and download it now.



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