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Image editing is the most required thing these days, and you always need to have the right tools to do it. Fotojet Online Photo Editor brings you access to perfect tools at anytime, anywhere as per your ease. This online photo editor brings you all the features of a conventional photo editor packed with some amazing other features such as filters, frames, overlay designs, etc.

Fotojet Online Image Editor

To start with, you need to open a file to start working with the tools. You can select a file from your computer, from the internet or choose from one of the sample images. Once the file is loaded you can start working on it, the features are further categorized and each set of features is discussed as below:

Edit images & photos online free

This set of features includes some basic as well as advanced image editing features. Basic features include crop, resize, and rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, color saturation, color temperature and much more. Advanced editing features let you sharpen, focus or dehaze the image. Moreover, you can add noise, vignette, etc. The advanced features can only be accessed if you are a pro user and you’ve paid for the pro service. Basic features are freely accessible and usable. There is also an option for automatic enhancement that would automatically scan the image and apply the settings suitable for the image.


Special Effect

The effects work almost similarly to filters. Various kinds of effects are available such as black and white, sepia, vintage effects, chromatic, lomo, sceneries, etc. Most of the effects are freely usable and only for a few selected ones you need to upgrade to the pro version.

Fotojet Online Photo Editor


Add Text

Text features let you add text to an image. A lot of pre-designed word arts are available for use, but you can always create your own designs and add them to the image. Various fonts including Google Web fonts are also available, and other simple fonts are available too.

Clipart, Overlay, and Frames

Fotojet has a well-populated library of clipart, overlay designs, and frames. Each of these is further divided into subcategories and are you can easily find any clipart, overlay or a frame appropriate for your image. Moreover, you can choose intensity for overlay designs, and you can always hit the ‘Advanced Options’ button for more features. Again many of these cliparts, overlay designs and frames are free to use, but there are some designs that require the pro version. Designs and features that require pro version are marked with an orange crown just as an indicator.


You can save your work, share it across your social networks or directly print it using the Fotojet Online Photo Editor. Fotojet is al all in one great image editing tool and the best part about it is that it requires no installation and no configurations, you just need to open an address in your web browser, and you are ready to go. It is completely a web-based tool and can be accessed on any computer with a decent internet connection and a web browser.

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