Google releases Chrome 53 for Windows bringing Material design

Google Chrome 53 Κατεβάστε

Google Chrome team has released Chrome 53 στο σταθερό κανάλι για τα Windows. Χρώμιο 53.0.2785.89 contains a number of fixes and improvements. This update also brings Google’s Material design to Windows for the first time. You can now find flatter design and new iconography.

Chrome is now rendered fully programmatically including iconography, effectively removing the ~1200 png assets they were maintaining before. It also allows them to deliver a better rendering for a wide range of PPI configuration. If you are not a fan of Material Design, you can from disable it under chrome://flags/.

There is also a new dark theme for Incognito mode. They have added support for color emoji on Windows 10. Τελικά, they have also made significant improvements to performance and battery life.

Google Cast is now built into Chrome. You can also view websites that are not integrated with Cast on your TV by selecting the “Cast…” menu item from the Chrome menu.

It’s good to see Google finally taking real efforts in improving Chrome on Windows as it is now the most used web browser on Windows.


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