Enhance your Windows 10 experience with these Microsoft Store apps



The Microsoft Store is pre-installed on all Windows 10 device and it’s a great way to install fresh apps on your device.

Microsoft Store isn’t as good as Google and Apple marketplace, but there are plenty of good and secure apps that you can try to improve your Windows experience.

If you’re looking for some great apps (both paid and free) for your Windows 10 device, here’s a list of the new apps currently available in the Store.


Fenice is a new Twitter client for Windows 10 and other Microsoft devices with a beautiful Tweetdeck-like interface.

Unlike Twitter’s official app, Fenice is a proper UWP client with support for multiple accounts, a different type of column, dark theme, and a timeline that will update automatically.


You can also manage your Twitter lists and use them as a curated timeline. Fenice also comes with filter options, but some Twitter features are currently unavailable due to API limitations. For example, users cannot schedule a tweet using Fenice for Windows 10.

You can buy Fenice for $4 (currently $3.19) from here.


WinDynamicDesktop is a Win32 app that aims to port macOS wallpapers to Windows 10 and use your location to change your desktop wallpaper based on the time of the day.

In the app, you can choose a theme and enter your location. Once done, the app will minimize to your system tray and launch automatically on boot.


You can access the app from the system tray and import custom themes or create your own, and customize the app to use a different timezone.

You can download WinDynamicDesktop from here.


QuickLook is another great app that aims to bring macOS’ Quick Look feature to Windows 10. The app provides a quick preview of texts, images and other file types by pressing the Spacebar.

Unfortunately, GIFs may not work properly in the latest release.

You can download QuickLook from here.

Notepads app

Notepads is a universal modern and lightweight text editor with a beautiful design.

It comes with Fluent Design, multi-line handwriting support, built-in Markdown file preview viewer, and built-in difference viewer that allows you to preview your changes).

You can also launch multi-instances of the editor.

You can download the app from here.

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