Mes: Mayo 2015

Cómo cambiar de Blogger a WordPress

Today you will learn how to switch from blogger to wordpress in simple steps. There are many Blogging Platforms to use online and the most popular ones are and – but the one I highly recommend you to use would be WordPress. Existen…

How should marketers address wearable concerns?

Wearables are creating new opportunities for marketers, and a number of compelling use cases mean that wearables could be the most disruptive technology developments since the smartphone. But serious concerns have already emerged. The Washington Post's Ariana Eunjung Cha addressed a number of them in a detailed

How to avoid creating a digital content landfill

Ever since Google introduced the Panda and Penguin updates, companies have been clamoring to publish content in hopes to improve ranking and engagement with customers. It is impossible to navigate the internet today without being hit by ‘to do lists’, ‘how-to’s, and ‘top 10 lists’. Pero…

Instalar Vtiger CRM en CentOS 7

Vtiger CRM is an open-source Customer Relationship Management application written in PHP. It offers features such as sales automation, marketing automation, analysis and reporting, customer support and many others. It is very easy to install this software on a Linux VPS, so if you like to

Instalar Ubuntu en una Question2Answer 14.04 VPS

In this tutorial we will show you how to install Question2Answer on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS con MariaDB, PHP-FPM y Nginx. Question2Answer is an open source question-answer system written in PHP, used by over 14,000 sites in 40 idiomas. This guide should work on other Linux

Instalar Magento en un CentOS 7 VPS con Nginx, PHP-FPM y MariaDB

Magento es una fuente abierta de comercio electrónico Sitios rica muy popular y cuentan. Magento es totalmente personalizable para satisfacer las necesidades de los usuarios y que les permite crear y poner en marcha una tienda en línea completamente funcional en cuestión de minutos. En este tutorial le mostraremos cómo instalar…

Como instalar Railo en un CentOS 7 VPS

En este tutorial, we will show how to install Railo on a CentOS VPS. Railo is an open source software written in Java that implements CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). Railo has an incredibly fast and powerful CFML engine which allows developers to create and deploy complex web

Cargar Transposh filtro de traducción a través de HTTPS

Filtrar por Transposh La traducción es el filtro de traducción para WordPress, Transposh helps you multi-lingualize your blog with ease by translating your posts automagically. Desafortunadamente, the Transposh plugin doesn’t load over HTTPS, which is easy to fix… How to load Transposh over HTTPS Open up the file

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