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Cómo escribir el símbolo logotipo de Apple

Sus dispositivos de apoyo entrar en el símbolo familiar logotipo de Apple con atajos de teclado. Checa lo que parece este personaje como escrito a máquina: ð Algunas personas encontrarán entrar en el símbolo logotipo de Apple en un elemento indispensable para el cambio de nombre de productos como en materiales de marketing de Apple, tales como Pay o…

Oficina 2007 support ends on October 10, 2017

Microsoft announced that the company's support for Microsoft Office 2007 will end on October 10, 2017, a little over three months from now. Oficina 2007 was the first version of the office suite that featured the Ribbon interface instead of toolbars and menus. It was also

How to use Theater Mode on the Apple Watch

Wear your Apple Watch to the movies without pesky notifications getting in the way. La semana pasada, I was in the midst of watching a film at my local movie house when my wrist started frantically buzzing and lighting up. One or two buzzes during a movie

'Theater Mode' Coming to Apple Watch

'Theater Mode' Coming to Apple Watch Apple hasn't released the first watchOS 3.2 beta to developers as of yet, but the company has shared release notes highlighting the new features that will be introduced in the update. The most important new feature is a "Theater Mode"

AirPods: Ultimate guide

How do you set up, configurar, and use your Apple AirPods with iPhone, Protectores, apple Seguir, Mac, Apple TV, and more? Like this! AirPods are the future of headphones, at least as far as Apple is concerned. Each one has a W1 chipset that allows for

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