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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is Coming To Linux

Gaming on Linux is not a myth, not anymore. Thanks to Steam, and other such portals, we have more and more Linux games these days. Feral Interactive is one such company that ports popular games to Linux and Mac OS. Recently it has brought Life

Turtl: Secure, Open Source Evernote Alternative

Turtl is a secure, open source Evernote alternative, disponible para Linux, ventanas, Mac, y Android. An iOS version is "coming soon". Firefox and Chrome bookmarking extensions are also available. The application, which is currently in beta, lets you keep your notes (with Markdown support for the

Cómo instalar Google Earth en Ubuntu 16.04

Brief: This tutorial shows you how to install Google Earth on Ubuntu 16.04, via GUI and via command line. Google Earth is a virtual globe that lets you travel anywhere sitting right in front of your desk. You can explore any place on earth (even in

instalar Calibre 2.47 E-book Reader in Linux Ubuntu 15.10

Install Calibre on Ubuntu Open Terminal and run the following commands to install Calibre on Ubuntu Systems: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa $ apt-get update sudo $ sudo apt-get install calibre You can also install Calibre via Ubuntu Software Center. Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for

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