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Hoy, Java es uno de los lenguajes de programación más reconocidos disponibles. ¿Y por qué no? Hay varios marcos para Java, haciendo el trabajo a los desarrolladores web sin esfuerzo. Algunos de los marcos populares son Java Grails, JSF, muelles, etc..

If your website has been built using Java language or it has Java applications, you should look for a web hosting service that supports Java. Después de todo, the Java web hosting offers a powerful hosting environment to websites and usually comes with the latest server technologies such as XML, EJB, JSP, Servlets and so on. Además, with Java hosting service, your website won’t have portability issues.

Desafortunadamente, finding a reputable and budget-friendly Java hosting provider is not as simple as it seems. Recuerda, Java-based websites and applications require more server resources. Por lo tanto, you can’t simply rely on basic web hosting service. But it is also true that premium hosting plans are not pocket-friendly for newbies or startups.

So what should be done?

Bien, we have put together a list of top free java hosting providers (after careful consideration) that can offer you reliable hosting services at absolutely free cost. Let’s find out them.

#1 HyperHost

HyperHost is one of the most trustworthy free hosting providers supports Java. This Ukraine-based company has invested in state-of-the-art data centers and high-speed SSD drives. Here it is worth mentioning that SSD drives are 3 times faster than traditional HDD drives in terms of data reading and writing.

Although they have a strong line up of web hosting services ranging from shared hosting to VPS hosting to WordPress hosting, their free hosting is also the best suited for newbies. As mentioned in their website, you can choose one of their shared hosting plans for absolutely free.

Their free hosting supports up to date versions of PHP and MySQL. Además, it also offers free FTP access. Since the provider offers the latest technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Pitón, Django, etc.. you will not find any issue in hosting Java applications.

#2 000webhost

000webhost is one of the oldest and reputable names in the hosting industry. It has been offering free web hosting services for more than 10 años. The company has thousands of users across the world. And its biggest reason is that like many free hosting services they don’t enforce users to run annoying advertisements on their website to compensate for their free services.

Their free hosting service can give a tough competition to any paid hosting service. If you will take a look at their features, you will find that they are offering a lot of stuff at zero cost. Their features (they call it free fantastic features) include full PHP & MySQL database support, 10 GB of bandwidth and 1GB of disk space.

It seems resources offered 000webhost will be sufficient to host any robust Java application.

Talking about user-friendliness, their tool One-click Website Installer makes it exceptionally easy for newbies to install scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.. Con la ayuda de esta herramienta, these scripts can be installed straight from the control panel with a single click.

#3 VPSie

VPSie is popular for offering a wide range of powerful VPS hosting services that include free java server hosting también. The company is being run by the group of highly experienced people. The company claims that most of their engineers have certifications from top-level firms such as Microsoft, Cisco, Enebro, Linux, Oráculo, etc..

Speaking of their free hosting service, it comes with a lot of features including support for Java. It gives you unlimited disk space, Ancho de banda ilimitado, and overall reliable environment. The company claims that their SSD based VPS cloud servers are capable of providing all the hardware requirements and memory a website could require.

Además de esto, they offer 99.9% el tiempo de actividad. Even if you are hosting a commercial website, you will not notice any downtime. sin embargo, you can expect downtime for maintenance purpose once in a while.

#4 Heliohost

If you’re looking for a free yet professional web hosting service for testing your code implementation or host java-based website, services offered by Heliohost will not disappoint you. It is an absolutely free hosting service that doesn’t require you to run any ads on your site or post any forum that we usually see with most free hosting services.

En efecto, Heliohost is a nonprofit organization powered by a community of professionals offering full-featured hosting services for free. The best part about them is they won’t upsell you to paid plans. sin embargo, you can make a donation if you appreciate their services.

Heliohost is one of the fewest free hosting providers that support ASP.NET 3.5 scripting and PHP hosting with safe-mode disabled libraries. They also support JSP (JavaServer Pages) that ensure a simplified working experience for web developers.

You will be surprised to know that this free hosting offers you unlimited bandwidth. It means you will not need to worry about how much your visitors are downloading the things from your website. Además de esto, you can store up to 1000 MB of data on their server and transfer it anytime from your cPanel file manager.

#5 AwardSpace

AwardSpace is counted among the most feature-free web hosting services that you can use to host java web application también. The company has been around for more than 10 years having millions of users across the globe.

Coming to their free web hosting service, you get storage up to 1 GB, 1 email account and 1 domain support. This plan can accommodate traffic up to 5GB every month. Además de esto, you also get PHP, ASP.NET and MySQL support. AwardSpace allows you to upgrade your hosting services at any time.

Asi que, if you want to relish the services of a professional free java server hosting, you can sign up for AwardSpace cheerfully.


Hoy, Java is a widely used programming language considered incredibly user and designer-friendly. It has good use when it comes to creating web applications. Asi que, if you have built a website or application using this amazing web language, it is necessary that you host it on a reliable Java web hosting provider. We hope our list of this free Java Hosting providers will help you choose the right one.


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