Honor Magic 4 Pro esialgne ülevaade: kui palju kaamerat?

Honor announced the Magic 4 Pro in February 2022, just 6 months after the international launch of the Honor Magic 3. Indeed, look at these phones and you might not immediately see the difference, but different they are. Instead this perhaps is a signal of intent: Honor wants to be taken seriously and no sooner had the Honor Magic 4 Pro been announced, but the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate was also unveiled, more or less replacing the Magic 3 Pro+ position. We spent a little time with the phone as we await its availability. Design and build 163.6 x 74.7 x 9.15mm; 215g IP68 protection Curved glass finish Cyan or … Loe edasi

Backbone One ülevaade: muutke oma iPhone minimängukonsooliks

The mobile gaming revolution might be old hat by now, with countless successful apps and games that come to mind, but we are in the midst of a new wave in the form of remote play and game streaming. Playing a full console release on your phone is entirely possible now, so long as you have a good internet connection, but doing so with touch controls almost always inhibits things. Xbox Cloud Gaming: Price, platforms and everything you need to know The Backbone One is a leading example of how to get around that problem without needing a full controller to hand – it clamps around your iPhone to offer … Loe edasi

Audio Pro C10 MkII ülevaade: suurepärane koduheli

When you’ve a manufacturer that’s already made a superb speaker, there aren’t always a clear and obvious set of ways to improve it. But adding a few more convenient means to connect wirelessly and getting it out the door is more than OK in our books. Best smart speakers: Premium Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri speakers available to buy Which is exactly what Audio Pro has done with the C10 MkII speaker. It’s a cracking example of how to subtly improve a classic, with the only loss in the updated model being the fun carry-handle – that might have divided people’s taste anyway – that featured on the original. The … Loe edasi

Insta360 One RS ülevaade: mõlema maailma parim?

When the Insta360 One R launched in 2020, it was a camera unlike any we’d seen before. The clever modular design meant that it could be used as a 360-degree camera or as an action camera by simply clicking on a different lens module. Now, a couple of years later, Insta360 is looking to refine its formula with the introduction of the One RS. This new camera improves upon its predecessor in numerous ways, but it also manages to maintain module compatibility with the previous generation. So, if you want to upgrade the battery but keep using your old One R lens modules, that’s no problem. Backwards compatibility is a … Loe edasi

Kirby ja unustatud maa ülevaade: kogu peresõbralik lõbu

It’s been a long, long time coming, but Kirby finally has a fully 3D game from top to bottom, something that’s so surprisingly overdue that you might think it already happened without you realising. Best upcoming Nintendo Switch games to look forward to playing This really is it, though: Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the 3D platformer the series has been waiting for – and we think it’s a great update for the little pink guy. The result is an excellent and inventive family-friendly platformer. Looking good Forgotten Land appears to use a very similar game engine to that of Super Mario Odyssey, meaning it brings plenty of visual … Loe edasi

Ghostwire Tokyo ülevaade: ma ei karda kummitust

When Shinji Mikami launches a new franchise, you pay attention. That’s a fairly safe rule given his pattern of success, one that stretches back all the way to the original Resident Evil in his Capcom days. Best upcoming PS5 games: PlayStation titles to anticipate Now, after the relative success of the more recent Evil Within games, he’s back with another new launch, in the form of Ghostwire Tokyo. It’s got the visual language of horror daubed all over it, but with a more explicit action-oriented flavour, and is another great slice of fun from the auteur. Starting in the middle Ghostwire Tokyo gets right into things, opening with protagonist Akito … Loe edasi

Fujifilm X-T30 II ülevaade: Väike uuendus, siiski võimas kaamera

The second-generation Fujifilm X-T30 isn’t an upgrade camera. Indeed, its differences compared to the original are so minor that you’d struggle to notice. But that’s kind of besides the point: the X-T30 II is here for new buyers and, given its sensible price point, although its a minor move forward for the series, it’s still a mighty camera. What’s new for Mark II? Higher-resolution LCD screen Improved low-light autofocus (to -7EV) Like we said: you’ll barely spot the differences. Even the logos are one and the same – the “II” part only appears on the base of the camera, on its battery and card door. It’s as if it’s a … Loe edasi

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 ülevaade: kerged mängupeakomplektid on ülimalt mugavad

The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 stands out from the crowd compared to other gaming headsets for its striking blue highlights (there’s no fancy RGB lighting or anything here). But a pared-back design is just fine, especially from a headset that promises high-fidelity sound with an open-back soundscape, all with a reasonable price tag. So how does it really hold up against its nearest competition? Lightweight design equals comfortable fit Less than 220 grams Two detachable cables: 3.0 m (9.8′) with 3.5 mm (1/8″) mic and headphone plugs for computers 1.2 m (3.9′) cable with a 3.5 mm (1/8″) TRRS plug for PS5/XBX/other consoles Detachable Hypercardioid boom mic When first getting the ATH-GDL3 … Loe edasi

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K teleri ülevaade: filmilik särav täht

The Samsung QN95B is the company’s flagship Neo QLED 4K HDR TV for 2022, and not only incorporates a Mini LED backlight and Quantum Dot filters for brighter and purer colours, but also the latest Neural Quantum Processor for superior scaling and image processing. This TV also boasts a full set of features, with styling based on Samsung’s high-end 8K TVs, a slimline One Connect box to keep wires out of the way, a redesigned smart platform, comprehensive streaming apps, extensive next-gen gaming features, Dolby Atmos object-based audio decoding, and Object Tracking Sound Pro for a more believably positioned audio field. The QN95B is available in 65-, 75- and 85-inch … Loe edasi

Devialet Dione soovib olla ülim ühe kasti heliriba

Devialet has announced a high-end soundbar, aiming to deliver the best experience you’ll get from an all-in-one unit. There’s no separate subwoofer, there’s no option to remove speakers or use satellites for surround sound, instead it’s designed to deliver sublime sound while looking great when sitting beneath your TV. Looking good is part of the package – especially considering the Dione’s £1990 asking price – with the main focus being the sphere in the centre of the bar. This is actually the centre channel and it can be rotated, meaning that you can shift the orientation of the centre driver depending on whether the Dione is mounted flat on a … Loe edasi

WWE 2K22 ülevaade: veel kord sõrmuse kuningas

We have been pro wrestling fans for a few decades, having followed the exploits of WWE, WCW, NJPW, Ring of Honor, the UK’s Progress Wrestling and, more recently, AEW. We have also been fans of the various game series that have aped the in-ring exploits of larger than life stars, both licensed and invented. However, WWE 2K20 was so bad it almost broke our love affair with the gaming side of that passion. Its launch was a disaster, riddled with more bugs than you’d find in a Bushwhacker’s beard and presenting a game engine seemingly stuck together with discarded finger tape. Visual Concepts took sole development duties from Japanese wrestling … Loe edasi

Apple iPhone 13 ülevaade: iPhone kõigile

The Apple iPhone 13 series has four devices to choose from: the small-scale iPhone 13 mini; this very model on review, the iPhone 13; the more advanced iPhone 13 Pro; and the big-screen device of the bunch, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. So is this ‘standard’ iPhone the best suited for most people? Well, the gap between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro is smaller for 2021 than in previous iterations. Although it lacks the faster refresh-rate screen of the Pro, the iPhone 13 otherwise still brings many of the features you’d want and, more importantly, actually use. Is the iPhone 13 still worth buying six months on? … Loe edasi