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Meedia lahti veateate Windows 10

  A PC without an internet connection is pretty much useless these days, and if you are having problems getting connected to a network and can’t get onto the Internet, don’t panic. There are few basic things you need to check before we actually troubleshot. Make

Kuidas keelata õigekirjakontrolli OneNote Windows 10

  When required, settings of Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint can be configured to enable or disable the spell-check feature. This is particularly useful at times where we are drafting a letter or making notes for a blog or something. At other times, we do

Nipid ja nõuanded Inside Microsofti Edge Browser

You may already be using Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, but Microsoft's newest browser added a few new tricks with the April 2018 ajakohastama. Edge works just like a traditional browser, but it looks sleeker, slimmer, and cleaner than Internet Explorer. You won't find the same

How To Set An Animated Wallpaper On Windows 10

Wallpapers on Windows 10 are static images. You can create a folder of your favorite wallpapers and use the slideshow option to have Windows 10 cycle through them all periodically but that’s the closest you can get to a dynamically changing wallpaper out of the box.

Microsoft avaldab uue küberjulgeoleku poliitika raamistik

Each year, more and more governments are developing policies to address security challenges presented by an increasingly digitized world. And to support those efforts, I’m excited today to announce the release of Microsoft’s new Cybersecurity Policy Framework, a resource for policymakers that provides an overview of

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