Samsungil volditaval Galaxy X-il on kumera aku, 3,000 mAh või suurem

Samsung’s much-rumored Galaxy X kokkupandav nutitelefon still isn’t official, but that is probably going to change aastal 2019. Telefonis kasutatakse kokkupandavaid ekraanipaneeli, mis lähevad sisse sellel suvel masstootmine, if there aren’t any issues.

The screens will be ready for an early 2019 launch of the phone, but additional components need to be flexible too. Take, for example, the battery. This will be foldable too, according to a new report, and its capacity will be anywhere between 3,000 mAh and 6,000 mAh. WeXCHARXre obviously hoping for as high a number as possible, given the massive screen the Galaxy X will have: 7.3XCHARX when opened, and 4.5XCHARX when folded.

The battery was developed by Samsung SDI, and itXCHARXs V-shaped. The Galaxy X may arrive alongside the Galaxy S10, but donXCHARXt expect it to be anything other than a niche offering at first XCHARX with a hind vastab, of course (around $1,850). Still, the folding phone future is much closer now than itXCHARXs ever been.

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