Samsungi oakujuline Galaxy Buds Live saab värskeima värskendusega mõned näpunäited


Samsung made a splash last year when it launched the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live earbuds. Focused more on the comfort aspect, they came with an impressive tool up their sleeve – active noise cancellation – at a rather modest asking price of $169. Now, the company is adding some useful tricks to their arsenal with a new software update. Galaxy Buds Live now let you make left and right earbud sound adjustment Spotted by a Reddit user (u/apopheniac01), the Galaxy Buds Live update carries the build number R180XXU0AUB5. And as per Samsung’s official update log, it started rolling out on February 23. Another report by SamMobile mentions that the rollout … Loe edasi

Xiaomi uus heliseade Indias sisaldab ANC-kaelapaela ja 16W Bluetooth-kõlarit


Xiaomi on Monday expanded its audio portfolio with two new additions: the Mi Neckaband Pro and Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The Mi Neckband Pro is a follow-up to the Mi Neckband earphones, which were launched in 2019. While the Mi Neckband aimed at delivering an affordable wireless audio experience with modest features, Xiaomi is positioning the Pro variant as a premium offering. To that end, the Mi Neckband Pro does bring substantial improvements to the table, ranging from better battery life and updated design to Active Noise Cancellation capabilities and improved audio performance. The Mi Neckband Pro earphones feature a classic rubber collar design with wires shooting through the plastic … Loe edasi

Jabra Elite 85t ülevaade: Parima kõlaga TWS-i kõrvaklapid ühe hoiatusega


TWS (truly wireless) earbuds category has gained popularity in recent years and that’s because of their unique form factor, better features, and affordability. Gone are those days when we had to spend half our time untangling the wired earphones or shell out a crock of gold to get a good pair of TWS earbuds. While some of the premium wireless Bluetooth earbuds were explicitly designed for elite devices (cough! I just choked on a chunk of Apple), the scenario has changed drastically, courtesy of some renowned brands’ humble effort who stepped in to offer a span-new category of wireless earbuds with advanced audio technology at a reasonable price. Jabra Elite … Loe edasi

Sennheiser PXC 550-ii ülevaade: fantastilised reisikõrvaklapid


In the world of noise-cancelling headphones, there’s a lot of buzz and attention around brands like Sony, Beats and Bose, but sometimes you need to take a step back and have a look at a more traditional brand. In a lot of ways, the original PXC 550 felt a lot like Sennheiser’s answer to the Bose QC35, and the second generation is an upgraded version of that. There aren’t major upgrades, but it brings a few modern day smart features, upgraded noise-cancelling and better battery life. Design Measures: 63 x 136 x 174mm / Weighs: 227g Leather-like coated padding If Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless headphones are about premium style and sophistication, … Loe edasi

Sony WH-CH710N kõrvaklappide ülevaade: müra summutav eelarve

One of the great things about technology advancing is that, often, features that used to be reserved for high-end and expensive devices eventually trickles down to the more affordable category. One such technology in the world of headphones is active (or adaptive) noise-cancelling. In its CH710N pair of over ear headphones, Sony has included an algorithm driven noise-cancelling technology, and done so in a pair of over-ears that costs a heck of a lot less than the premium WH-1000XM3 model. In its price range the Sony CH710N promises a lot, but does it deliver? Practically plastic Adjustable headband Folding, swivel design In order to get any product into the lower … Loe edasi