How To Use The OneDrive Personal Vault

  Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the widely used cloud storage services out there. OneDrive has many industry-standard security measures, including file encryption, ransomware detection and recovery, mass file deletion alert and recovery, and suspicious activity monitoring. In addition to the existing security features, Microsoft recently

How To Use ADB Wirelessly On Your Android

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and it’s a utility you can install on your computer to perform actions on your Android device. If you’ve ever searched for any customization options for your Android device, you’ve likely heard of this utility as it’s used to customize

How To Connect Your Google Home To Your TV

When you’re resting on your comfortable couch after a long day, the last thing you want to do is get up to find the remote just to turn up the volume on your favorite show. Thankfully, Google Assistant – through a Google Home device or through

Windows 10 does not connect to WiFi on startup

  Once you configure WiFi connection on your Windows 10 laptop or a desktop with a WiFi adapter, it is expected that it will automatically connect the next time. However, if you are noticing that Windows 10 does not connect to WiFi on startup, and you

10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 19.10

  Here’s our list of things to do after you install Ubuntu 19.10 “Eoan Ermine” because hey: this stuff is good to know! For the record, we’ve written a list of ‘things to do after installing Ubuntu’ for the past 20 Ubuntu releases. That’s two lists