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Evidence mounts for mini-LED display on the 2021 iPad Pro

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We've long expected that the 2021 iPad Pro range would come with a mini-LED display.

Now we've got new information from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that mini-LED is closer to happening and, what's more, it'll be the first Apple device with a mini-LED display.

That rules out the first Mac based on Apple Silicon, which we're expecting to be in the MacBook Air class. We think that product will be with us in October or November. However, Kuo previously stated that there are up to six Apple products in the pipeline with mini-LED as standard.

Indeed, Kuo says that Apple has actually accelerated the adoption of the technology on the Mac, with Apple adding an additional supplier after positive development progress.

These new displays should have deeper colours and darker blacks along with improved contrast. Exactly the type of Pro-level features Apple will want to bring to the iPad Pro.

Because the displays won't be available in huge-enough quantities at first, it could be that mini-LED comes to the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro first instead of the 11-inch.

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