Eye Control Feature in Windows 10 lets you access PC with movement of Eyes


People with challenges will now be able to access their Windows 10 PC with the help of an Eye Tracker. Microsoft has recently announced the ‘Eye Control’ feature at the company’s hackathon. The feature is specifically designed for the people with challenges to help them operate their Windows 10 PC with an on-screen keyboard and mouse.

Eye Control feature in Windows 10

Eye Control feature in Windows 10

The feature is specifically designed for Windows 10 PC. In the first hackathon of Microsoft, the company announced this wonderful feature named Eye Control which can let the disable users to access the PC with their eyes control.

However, the feature also requires a compatible eye tracker to work. According to Dona Sarkar, a software engineer at Microsoft mentioned in her blog that the users will need a compatible eye tracker to use this newly launched feature of Windows 10. Sarkar also recommended the ‘Tobii Eye Tracker 4C’ to use this feature.

To use it, the users first need to turn on the Eye Control feature on the PC which then brings a Launchpad on the screen allowing users to get an access to the PC. When the Launchpad appears on the screen, the users have to stare at the screen until the feature activates.

Once activated, the Eye Control feature lets users use the mouse from the Launchpad. You just need to position your eyes where you want to the cursor to be. Similarly, they can select the on-screen keyboard from the Launchpad and just stare at the characters they want to type.

The company, however, states that this new feature might not work well in the sunlight and is still working to fix this issue. Also, it might not work when the users move the PC to a different lighting condition. Once moved, the tool might need a re-calibration. The company suggests restarting the tool in such scenario.

The One Week Hackathon is focused on company’s mission of empowering the users worldwide. The commendable feature of Eye Control was inspired by another magical innovation Eye Gaze Wheelchair designed by the Ability Eye Gaze team. Eye Gaze Wheelchair which was the winning hack of 2014, is one of its kind where the user can operate and move the wheel chair with the movement of eyes.

Microsoft created a new team to use this eye tracking technology and came up with the wonderful Eye Control feature for their Windows 10 PCs. This is certainly a revolutionary feature added in Windows 10 and will be of a great help to users with disabilities.

Watch the video to know more about it.

Microsoft has always been concerned about its users and has been adding new and innovative features to its operating system time-to-time. The feature currently supports only the 4C version of Tobii eye tracker.