How to Add Tags and Links to Blog Post Images

Pictures add interest to every blog. So many people are attracted to visual pictures. با این اوصاف, while a photo is worth 1,000 words, it doesn’t usually tell the entire story.

ThingLink enables blog writers to add links and tags to any picture, that might help convey a more complete view of what the picture is meant to portray. به علاوه, it provides a layer of interaction to an otherwise static blog post.

Click on the yellow Sign Up button at the top of ThingLink’s home-page to begin using the service.

بعد, either login with Facebook, or enter name and other registration info.

بعد, select the platform which you want to add tagged pictures. Blogger و وردپرس have plugins, while Tumblr uses an HTML code. If you’d rather use tagged pictures on your Website instead, کلیک کنید بر روی Other Platforms button and add the code to your Web-site.

Once the ThinkLink is installed on your site, go to an article you have currently posted-this doesn’t work in Edit Post mode. Look for four small black dots in the upper-left corners of your photos.

Hover your mouse over the dots and a menu appears. Click Edit Tags

A window opens a the top of the web page showing your picture. Click anyplace on the image to add a tag. A small window will open requesting a description and link.

Enter a description, and a link if you like. کلیک صرفه جویی when completed. You may add as several tags as you want to your pictures. Click Done when you have added all your tags.

Your picture quickly shows your tags. When visitors hover their mouse over the tags, a small window appears with the description and link you provided.

Back at, you have a dash panel that demonstrates statistics for each of your pictures. You are able to tell how frequently website visitors have viewed, clicked or hovered their mice over your tags.

ThingLink has a multitude of uses. You may link directly to YouTube videos or sound files. You are able to label every person in a group photo. More than anything, you may add explanation telling what the picture is and how it relates to your blog post. It also offers an opportunity to link to one of your other, related blog posts. به طور کلی, ThinkLink is a welcome addition for most blogs.

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