Facebook Creator App Helps Influencers Easily Share, Create Video Content

Facebook has launched a new app specifically made for internet influencers who want to create a video community. Called Facebook Creator, the app provides users with the necessary tools for better live streams, engaging with fans and tracking analytics.

“The Facebook Creator app is a one stop shop for creators of all kinds, to help take their passions to the next level,” Facebook Video product manager Chris Hatfield said in a blog post. “With the app, creators can easily create original video, go live with exclusive features, and connect with their community on Facebook — all from their pocket.”

The Facebook Creator app is actually a rebranded version of the Facebook Mentions app, which originally launched back in 2014. Mentions was only made available to verified public figures and Pages. Unlike Mentions, the new Creator app is open to anyone who wants to build their own online community on Facebook and start sharing their own video content.

The first feature that’s on the new Facebook Creator app is called the Live Creative Kit. This provides users with new tools that can help them easily create live broadcasts. Users can add their own intros and outros to their live streams. Users should go to Facebook’s site to upload their own intros and outros. The intros and outros can then be enabled through the Creator app.

Creator App The new Facebook Creator app.

Another feature included in the Live Creative Kit are Graph Frames. Graph Frames allows creators to add borders to their videos. Creators can customize reactions by replacing one of the standard “haha,” “angry” or “wow” with their own graphic of choice, according to TechCrunch.

Another new feature on the Facebook Creator app is a unified inbox for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. The unified inbox will include both messages and comments. The idea behind this feature is to make it easier for creators and influencer to communicate with their fans.

The Facebook Creator app also has access to Facebook Stories and Camera. This means creators will be able to keep using Facebook’s augmented reality masks and filters and post their content across Instagram and even on Twitter. This added integration means that creators and influencers won’t have to keep jumping from one app to another to post daily updates.

Lastly, the Facebook Creator app includes an analytics tool called “Insights.” This will make it easier for creators to keep track of users engagements and demographics. Insights should provide creators with enough information to know what type of videos they should keep posting to keep fans interested.

Online influencers and creators that are already creating shows for Facebook Watch can also go into the Creator app as their Show Page to access all of these new features. The Facebook Creator app is now available worldwide on iOS devices, while an Android version is set to arrive “in the coming months.”

The launch of the new Creator app is seen as Facebook’s new attempt at convincing online video creators to move their content to Facebook’s own video platform. In August, the company launched Watch, which allows video content creators to publish shows by episode. Facebook also added ways to monetize videos like adding ads that play in the middle of live broadcasts, as pointed out by CNBC. What’s sorely lacking in Facebook’s video push is the ability for creators to monetize all of their videos, which something that YouTube has been doing for years.

Facebook Facebook's new Creator app helps influencers easily create and share video content.