Facebook Smartwatch might feature Messaging, Health tracking, custom operating system: Report

Smartwatch is nothing new in the tech-hub, and while several known brands and startups have introduced their own unique designed products, Facebook now seems to have joined the bandwagon. The new Facebook Smartwatch is expected to debut in 2022.

While previous reports revealed the smartwatch to enable sending messages, and offer fitness features, latest leak in line suggest that watch will carry Facebook’s suite of apps. As per Independent report, the smartwatch will have a built-in cellular connection that will allow the device to work separately from the paired mobile. In case this turns out to be true, it would really save users from carrying that extra weight of a second device.

Facebook smartwatch features (expected)

As per a report previously revealed by The Information, Facebook is said to integrate apps from fitness and health companies including Peloton. Although the smartwatch is predicted to ship with Google’s Android OS, the latest report suggest that the Facebook could design its own operating system for the upcoming wearable.

The report indicates that Facebook has taken steps to ‘consolidate’ its various apps including long-standing plans to merge the ‘messaging back-end’ of its apps. As mentioned, the smartwatch is expected to have close integration with Facebook-owned apps including Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. The cellular connectivity will enable quick access to texts and calls.

Facebook will also allow the wearable to connect with the hardware and services of Peloton Interactive, as per the report. While the upcoming smartwatch seems a lucrative move, Facebook’s bad reputation in handling users’data will certainly bring questions since the company will have access to fitness and health data.

Facebook Smartwatch launch (expected)

Facebook Smartwatch is expected to see light no later than 2022. As per reports, the smartwatch will be priced below Apple’s premium Watch Series 6 and Watch SE. As cited, the social media giant is developing custom operating system for its future hardware, which could debut with the second-gen smartwatch expected to debut in 2023.

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