‘Fallout Shelter’ For Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs To Release Next Week

Fans of the Fallout game series who own a Windows 10 computer or Xbox One will soon have a new title to play.

Microsoft announced Friday the popular mobile game, Fallout Shelter, will be released Feb. 7 on both platforms for free. The game is a port of the mobile game, which was first released on Apple iOS and Google Android in summer 2015. The game will include support for the Xbox One controller and Xbox Play Anywhere on the Xbox One and Windows 10 computers, so in-game progress and achievements are synced between both platforms.

In Fallout Shelter, players take on the role of the manager of an underground nuclear vault and have to manage the needs of the residents who live in the community. Challenges include balancing resource needs for groups of residents and protecting the vault from outside enemies and dangers.

Players can use microtransactions to purchase additional in-game resources in the mobile version of Fallout Shelter, but it’s unclear whether the system will carry over to the game’s Xbox One port.

Fallout Shelter was originally released in the run-up to developer Bethesda’s Fallout 4 ’s fall 2015 release date and is the first mobile title in the long-running post-apocalyptic franchise. With its more casual-friendly gameplay mechanics, the game was also a notable success for the company. Buoyed by excellent download numbers among iOS and Android users, Fallout Shelter made an estimated $5.1 million in in-game microtransaction sales within its first two weeks on Apple’s App Store.


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