'Far Cry 5' Release? 'Far Cry 3' Prequel? Ubisoft Ignites Speculation With Mysterious Facebook Post

Ubisoft has posted a mysterious message on its official French facebook page, and people online are beginning to speculate whether this could be a clue about the next Far Cry game. Whatever this message could be hinting at, it has something to do with Far Cry 3.

As seen in the post above, we have some artwork for the island that serves as the setting for Far Cry 3. The text that accompanies the image is in French, but translates to “An island we never really left.”

far-cry-5-rumor ‘Far Cry 5’ may have just been teased on Facebook

The top comment on the post is also from Ubisoft France, which says “Still want more madness? Follow us on Instagram.” The comment contains a link to the Ubisoft France Instagram account.

If you follow the link to the Instagram post, you’ll find a picture of Vaas, one of the villains in Far Cry 3. Along with the picture, there’s a quote from Vaas posted which reads “Have I already given you the definition of the word ‘madness’?”

It’s very easy to assume that Ubisoft is simply trying to say “remember all those good times you had with Far Cry 3?” Taken at face value, there’s nothing that interesting going on. Once you dive into it a little, it’s possible Ubisoft is teasing either a remaster or some sort of return to the tropical island.

The Instagram post is probably the most direct with its hints. As the quote from Vaas says, the definition of madness, or insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If we, as video game players, are about to do the same things over again, that would mean a remake or remaster is on the way.

However, if you add the clues from the Facebook post into the equation, it could mean there’s a sequel or spin-off in the works. If we’ve “never really left” the island, this could imply there’s a return to the island, or even some sort of prequel with different characters.

Basically, this has my Lost senses tingling. Ubisoft has done some weird things with the Far Cry franchise recently, including a game set in the ice age and one in an alternate 80s sci-fi/action movie world where one-liners flow like neon water. I wouldn’t doubt that there’s some kind of alternate dimension Far Cry 3 where Vaas is the hero or something crazy like that.

As for what Ubisoft is working on, we know there’s a new Assassin’s Creed game that will likely be revealed at E3 and work on South Park: Fractured But Whole has to be wrapping up soon. A new Far Cry announcement wouldn’t be out of place, especially since we haven’t heard from the franchise since Primal released in February of 2016. Don’t expect any release dates or gameplay videos, but a basic reveal trailer with a logo would make sense.

So what do you think? Are you interested in a remastered version of Far Cry 3? Would you like to see some kind of Far Cry 3 spin-off instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.