FastPeopleFinder overview 2023: Best tool to find people for free

Our fast-paced world comes with many benefits and a fair share of challenges. We just can’t trust people as easily as in the past. If you are reading this, you are likely looking to unmask a person’s true identity. It could be a serial caller, an online date, a new neighbor, or more.

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But panic not! It is 2023, and what a good time to be alive! You can quickly and efficiently find people for free using people search platforms. Here we shall check out FastPeopleFinder to know exactly what it is and how it can help.

Understanding FastPeopleFinder

FastPeopleFinder is an advanced search engine that provides comprehensive information about people. The website pulls data from various public and government sources, including online directories, court records, and local, county, and state databases. A background check is as simple as keying in the person’s name and receiving a timely, detailed report about them.

The platform regularly updates its database to ensure no outdated information in its reports. FastPeopleFinder offers users various search options, such as by email, address, name, and phone number. Also, this people search service is completely free to use. Users can carry out unlimited people searches without signing up for an account or paying hidden fees.

What can you do on FastPeopleFinder?

From its intuitive interface, FastPeopleFinder provides several methods for finding a person or knowing their background. Let’s check them one by one.

This option comes in handy to reveal a person’s information when all you have is their name. Simply enter the first and last names in the corresponding search bar, initiate the search, and get your results.

Phone lookup

If you get annoying calls from unknown numbers, a phone lookup helps unmask the callers. FastPeopleFinder provides you with just that to identify telemarketers, catfishers, and cyber bullies, among others. However, the number must be correctly typed.

Address lookup

FastPeopleFinder also lets you search address details to know who resides there. Enter the address information you have such as the street, state, and zip code, and initiate the search. The tool will present you with the details of present and past residents of the specific address you entered.

Email lookup

Email addresses are often linked with most of our personal information. Thus, with this platform, you can find the details of people by using an email address. A reverse email search on FastPeopleFinder will give you the owner’s contact information and social accounts.

How does FastPeopleFinder work?

A background search on FastPeopleFinder is a reasonably straightforward process. With just a few steps, you can unveil the identity of anyone from the site’s extensive database.


1. Open the official site of FastPeopleFinder.

2. At the top of the page, click on what you want to search. Here are the available options:

  1. People Finder

i. Select the People Finder option on the search pane.

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ii. Enter the target’s first and last name. Proceed as prompted to provide the middle name and more information, such as their age, city, and family status, to help refine your results.

  1. Phone Lookup

i. Choose the Phone Lookup tab with a phone icon.

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ii. Provide the phone number you intend to search. Note that the phone number should match the North American Numbering system.

  1. Address Lookup

i. Click on the Address Lookup tab with a house icon.

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ii. Enter the address details you have in the search boxes. It could be the street, street number, or city. Use the drop-down menu to get the State name.

  1. Email Lookup

i. Go to the Email Lookup tab with an envelope icon.

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ii. Provide a valid email address of your target.

3. Click on the purple Start Search button to initiate the search. It may take seconds or minutes before you get the search results. Browse the results and click on the best match to get more information.

Note: FastPeopleFinder allows you to review the information online or download the report in a PDF file to your local storage.

What details can you find on FastPeopleFinder?

As mentioned, FastPeopleFinder has a billion records in its database to generate a person’s most essential details. Here is what you can find:

  • Basic personal details – This people finder tool can offer searchers primary details of their target. They include the name, age, and date of birth, among other data.
  • Criminal records – You can attain a detailed report of your target criminal information with only a single search. For example, court records, sex offender data, and traffic tickets.
  • Licenses – With background checks via FastPeopleFinder, you can verify someone’s professional license, certificates, and designation numbers to ascertain their qualifications.
  • Educational information – The FastPeopleFinder search helps you to obtain details on where the target studied and how long they studied in a specific institution.
  • Social media information – You can examine the social media profiles of the searched individuals. That includes Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Address details – This platform can provide details of your target’s past and current residential address. Also, you can obtain a property’s information, office location, etc.
  • Civil records – These are reports containing details about the person in question that include birth, marriage, divorce, and death records. All these are obtainable through a few clicks of a button.

What makes FastPeopleFinder best in 2023?

The following are reasons why FastPeopleFinder is one of the most prominent people searching websites online.

  • Speedy and no hassle

FastPeopleFinder generates users’ search results in seconds, if not minutes. Besides, no sign-ups or logins are required to perform a search on an individual. Meaning you can do it on the go.

  • Advanced filtering option

Unlike other sites, this search engine strives to provide you with up to four different search formats to allow for more filtering and relevant reports. For instance, you can know a person’s profile through their city.

  • Huge database

You get to take advantage of a large collection of records belonging to people from all corners of the country. This makes FastPeopleFinder a one-stop-shop to get details about anyone even on tight deadlines.

  • Accurate information

You can trust the report obtained from this website as it is all collected from verifiable sources like government records. Besides, all information on FastPeopleFinder is regularly updated so that you can get the latest details about your targets.

  • Unlimited searches

There is no limit to how many searches you can perform at FastPeopleFinder. Just ensure you are using the information provided legally and not to harass or blackmail other people.

  • Guaranteed privacy

This platform is strict in protecting its user’s privacy and confidentiality. You never have to worry about the site notifying anyone that you searched for them. All your searches are encrypted with no third-party access and no data tracking.


Q1. Where does FastPeopleFinder get its data from?

FastPeopleFinder retrieves its data from public records and combines it with details from other online resources to present you with accurate data. It generates information from reliable government agencies like the marriage and deed registry, social media, etc.

Q2. Are people’s searches on FastPeopleFinder legit?

Yes. People’s searches on FastPeopleFinder are completely legal as tools like this are registered and recognized by the law. Plus, they are also used with other entities like government institutions and private corporations.

Q3. Why should you look up someone’s details?

There are various reasons why you may want to verify a person’s data, including;

  • To find old acquaintances, friends, and loved ones.
  • If you are planning to meet people you found online.
  • To have a better picture of your neighborhood.
  • To perform a background check on new people in your life.

Final thoughts

As we have seen, background information about people you meet can save you from unsavory experiences and ensure you make informed decisions. Also, it’s vital to employ a credible, tested, and trusted people search provider.

FastPeopleFinder is easy to use, extremely reliable, and affordable. It guarantees a smooth user experience and assures correct and trustworthy reports. Give it a try today since you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!