Fedora 28 Wallpaper Contest is Now Open for Entries

the fedora logo on a white background

If you’re in any way creative, and want to give something back to the Linux community, here’s your chance!

Fedora is on the hunt for a new set of desktop wallpapers sourced from the open source community.

The distro invites open source enthusiasts to submit their very best photographs and illustrations for possible inclusion in the add-on wallpaper pack for its next major release, Fedora 28.

And with GNOME 3.28 dropping the option to put icons on the desktop, Fedora fans will likely be seeing a lot more of their desktop background than before!

‘The 16 best photos are made available to millions of Fedora users’

Like the Ubuntu wallpaper contest of old the Fedora “supplemental wallpaper” competition is simple enough:

  1. Folks submit their best photographs or illustrations
  2. Submissions are whittled down and voted on by Fedora members
  3. The 16 best photos are packages up and available to millions of Fedora users

Not just for Fedora, y’know

What’s great about the Fedora wallpaper contest is that the winning images are always of a very high quality – Unsplash.com type quality – and licensed under CC-BY-SA. This means you, me, anyone can download the drapes for use on Ubuntu, Windows, Android …any place, really.

Check out the winning Fedora 26 supplemental wallpapers to see the quality of submissions past.

Fedora Wallpaper Contest Rules

Interested in taking part? Awesome stuff! You’ll find more details on the contest on the Fedora Magazine, and a comprehensive set of rules on the submissions website.

But these are the key things to keep in mind:

  • Submit your OWN work only
  • License MUST be CC-BY-SA
  • Maximum of 2 submissions per person
  • Minimum resolution: 1600×1200
  • Images must not have been entered in to previous contest(s)
  • No brands, watermarks, trademarks, messages, etc

Also, rather oddly:

  • No pictures of pets

To take part you will will to create a (free) Fedora account so that you can upload submissions to the “Nuancier” website used for voting. And, as mentioned, you only have until February 12 to do so – so get snapping, and start harassing any creatively gifted mates!

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