Fedora For Beginners: Chapeau Linux 24 Released

Chapeau 24 is released

Chapeau is a beginner focused Fedora based Linux distribution. Chapeau Linux has released its new version 24 recently.

As the name suggests, Chapeau 24 is based on Fedora 24. So you can expect most, if not all, Fedora 24 features in Chapeau 24 as well.

I’ll add a trivia here. You might already know that Fedora is kind of hat. I think since Fedora is a community project from Red Hat, they just named it after another kind of hat. Interestingly, Chapeau is also a kind of hat, a French one. Now these names make sense, don’t they? If you like such trivial fact check out the logic behind other Linux distributions naming conventions.

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Chapeau 24 features

Pretty much what Fedora 24 has to offer. It still runs GNOME 20 which is understandable as it was only recently that GNOME 3.22 was released. Some of the main new highlights of Chapeau 24 release are:

Chapeau 24 desktop screenshot

Chapeau 24 desktop screenshot

Should you be using Chapeau 24?

That’s a difficult question to answer. See, in the world of Linux, we have over 300 active Linux distributions. Plenty of them are for desktop users.

It is up to individuals what they prefer. You can totally install Fedora 24 and install various tool along with it and then you don’t need to look elsewhere. But you might also know that Fedora is quite tightfisted when it comes to proprietary hardware support.

Altogether, Chapeau is a nice to have Linux distribution that gives you Fedora minus the headaches. If GNOME is what you like, Chapeau Linux could be your game.

You can download Chapeau 24 from SourceForge:

Download Chapeau 24

Have you already given it a try? How is your experience with it?


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