ReFlex-The 2020 world's First Bendable Smartphone

image-result-for-reflex-the-first-bendable-smartphone-released-in-2020The smartphone evolution is going so far even beyond of what we have been thinking. The prototype of bendable Reflex smartphone design idea which shows us the way towards advance smartphone technology will soon be into application after successful development of the bendable design by Queen's university scientist.The smartphone evolution from thinnest smartphone's of 4.0 inch like the Apple's flagship which are being on the trend in the world of smartphone will be outdated at the early of 2020's by presence of the coming bendable ReFlex haptic smartphones and a bunch of other smart devices. The Concept of Bending the Smartphone is currently being developed by the group of creative senior research scientists and developers Paul Strohmeier, Jesse Burstyn, Juan Pablo Carrascal, Vincent Levesque and Roel Vertegaal from Queen’s university Human Media Lab in Canada.
The Reflex Phone
The first flexible phone is not ready to be in the market well, the full color and high resolution are offered in that flexible flagship and its Super best user experience will be one of the thing which will make the Reflex design to hit the sales after it is launched in the next Five years as it being expected.
image-result-for-reflex-the-first-bending-smartphone-displayThe designing ideas of the Phone are going beyond the normal level to those game lovers and book readers as we have been tipped by one the built in Model. On playing the Game especially "Angry Bird". the game is made simple by Bending the screen with your two hands holding the end of the phone and the way of scrolling the pages of a book or pdf files with this futuristic smartphones concept has gone too because they gonna make you feel as if you are reading the actual/real book just as it seen below in the video

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