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How to use BlueScreenView on Windows 10

  Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) also known as Stop Error is displayed on the Windows system after a system crash when your operating system reaches a threshold where it can no longer function safely. The stop error gets its name as the blue screen error

Meet TUXEDO Nano V8: A Power-packed Linux Mini PC

TUXEDO Computers is known for building custom PCs or notebooks. They focus on Linux-powered systems while making sure that the hardware configuration they put together is completely compatible with Linux distributions. Äskettäin, they pulled the curtains off a new product and revealed the TUXEDO Nano –

Bugeja ja kysymyksiä Windows 10 versio 1809

Microsoft released the October 2018 Windows-päivitys 10, Windows 10 versio 1809, on October 2, 2018 to the public. The update is not pushed out automatically through Windows Update but requires that users and administrators install it manually for the time being. Microsoft's official solution

Running Windows 95 inside Windows 10

Here is something fun to do if you have some free time to spare. Inspired by an existing web project that supports Windows 95, 98, and a whole host of the older operating system, Slacker developer Felix Rieseberg has published the source code and app installers

Kuinka asentaa Microsoft PowerShell Linux-käyttöjärjestelmä?

Microsoft on hiljattain käynnistänyt PowerShellillä Core napsauskoukku paketti tasaisempi ja helpompi asentaa ohjelmiston monista Linux-jakeluissa, jotka tukevat nepparit. PowerShell on tehtävä automaation ja konfigurointi hoitosuunnitelmaa Microsoftilta. PowerShell on tullut avoimen lähdekoodin. Täten, PowerShell on nyt…