File record segment is unreadable Disk error in Windows 10


There could be nothing worse than a failing hard disk with the risk of losing all your crucial data in one go. While in many cases, it might not carry a warning, some users have reported getting errors which help them find out if their hard drive is failing well in advance. One such error is “File record segment is unreadable‘.

File record segment is unreadable

File record segment is unreadable

If you have started seeing this message on your Windows computer, here are a few things you should do right away.

1] Copy your hard drive’s data to an external hard drive

While you can copy-paste the files directly into the external hard drive, you may also clone the hard drive or create its image while troubleshooting is performed. You would need a new hard drive with enough space to accommodate all the data and still leave some gap for the job. Other than the external disk, a good cloning or imaging software would be needed.

2] Perform a chkdsk scan at Boot Time

Press Win+X and from there open Command Prompt (Admin). Enter the following command and press Enter:

chkdsk /r

It will prompt if you wish to perform the disk error checking on next restart. Enter Y and press Enter.

failing hard disk

The next time your computer starts, the system will perform the chkdsk scan.

You have two chkdsk command line parameters that can help you:

  • /f : Will fix errors detected
  • /r : Will identify Bad Sectors and attempt recovery of information.

When /scan not specified /r implies /f.

3] Try Data Recovery freeware

Some free data recovery software products are known to help with data recovery unless the issue is physical damage to the hard drive. If they help recover the data, well and good. Otherwise too bad.

If these tools help recover the data, try to format the drive and check if it is usable now.

4] Connect the hard drive to a different PC

If the damage with the hard drive is physical, there is quite less of a chance to save all the data. But an attempt to retrieve some files could be made by connecting the drive internally or by using a hard drive enclosure.

If the files are accessible after connecting to an external PC, try to retrieve as many of them as possible.

Remember, Hard Drive failure can be devastating and such unreadable sections of data will only get worse, so it’s best that you recover as much data as you can and change your hard disk right away.