FileASSASSIN will help you delete locked folders & files on Windows 10/8/7


You could have at some point got one of these common error messages flashing on your computer screen while opening a file – Cannot delete file Access is denied or The source or destination file may in be in use ornd The file is in use by another program or user.

While there can be other reasons too, Malware infection is one of the possible reasons for these errors. It means that the files you want to delete might have got lock down or infected with some malware and thus are undeletable.

FileASSASSIN is a safe freeware that will allow you to delete locked or undeletable files and folders on your Windows PC which may have been deposited by malware. This post will review FileASSASSIN from Malwarebytes.

FileASSASSIN review

FileASSASSIN review

The tool comes with a plain and simple overview, and there are no particular menu or option settings available. You can simply drag and drop the LOCKED file or browse it from your PC or browse the files/folders you want to delete.

  • Download and launch FileASSASSIN.
  • Select the desired file/folder by dragging it onto the text area or use the (…) button to browse and select the file from your PC.
  • Choose the removal method and click on Execute button.
  • You are done.

FileASSASSIN can help you open these files or remove them from your computer, if necessary. The little tool lets PC users delete locked files that contain malware on their computer. You simply need to click and drag the files to unlock them.

Delete locked folders & files

The program removes the files and folders in three different ways –

  1. Delete on reboot
  2. Windows normal delete function
  3. FileASSASIN’s file removal system.

While you can use any of these three ways, some files or folders may require the system reboot too.Delete locked folders & files

Overall, FileASSASIN is a nice, simple and useful program which serves its purpose effectively. It is a handy tool which not just deletes your locked files and folders but can also unload the modules and terminate the running processes on your PC.

FileASSASIN works well on almost every version of Windows. It supports English and Spanish languages. You can either install the program on your PC or use it as a portable program too. If you have the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program installed on your PC, you do not need to install the FileASSASIN separately.

You can download it from its home page.