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‘Final Fantasy 15’ New Game Plus Will Be Included In Holiday Pack DLC, Tabata Confirms ‘Mystery Disk’ Still A Thing

In a NicoNico livestream, Weekly Famitsu presented Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata as a special guest. While on the livestream, Tabata discussed some information about Final Fantasy XV ’s upcoming December Holiday Pack.

Final Fantasy 15 ’s December Holiday Pack will include the much-anticipated New Game Plus mode, as well as a level limiter feature that allows you to cap your party’s level in order to challenge yourself.

Additionally, Tabata confirmed that the “Mystery Disk” is still on the way:

Tabata did not confirm when the Mystery Disk would be released, nor did he give a release window, but it’s good to know that this touching and funny tribute to the Final Fantasy XV team and development process is slated for some manner of public release… at some point… possibly soon and possibly not.

in an interview on JeuxVideo, Final Fantasy XV producer Haruyoshi Sawatari previously stated that the team was considering an additional piece of DLC allowing players to play as Luna, Noctis’ fiancee with a mysterious role in the plot. Seems fair considering King Regis and his men got a whole movie in Kingsglaive.

While the Holiday Pack DLC will be free for anyone who owns the game, those who purchased the $24.99 season pass will receive a more robust version of the DLC. The DLC will decorate the game’s cities for the holidays to put the boys in the winter festive spirit.

The three other major DLC packs will allow you to play as Gladio, Ignis or Prompto. Episode Gladiolus will be the first DLC to be released, followed by Episode Ignis and Episode Prompto, all of which will be available for individual purchase also. The “Comrade” DLC that allows co-op multiplayer will be available after each character’s episode DLC.

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