‘Final Fantasy XV’ Reportedly Delayed To Nov. 29

Many are anticipating the Sept. 30 release of “Final Fantasy XV.” However, it looks like fans will have to wait another two months as publisher Square Enix has reportedly delayed the release of the game.

The delayed release date was first reported by Gamnesia on Friday. The site claims that it got its information from a source within GameStop management. The source said that the game has been delayed to a Nov. 29 release date.

New promotional materials were apparently sent out to some GameStop stores and employees were instructed not to put them up until after August 14. Gamnesia followed up with another article, which was published yesterday, leaking the instructions on how to apply the new promotional material on top of the already existing one.

Final Fantasy XV New Release Date Instructions on how to apply the new release date on the current promotion materials.

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The site published the photo in hopes to squash any skepticism from fans. The leaked image has already been corroborated by Kotaku and Gematsu. Fans should expect an official announcement from Square Enix later today.

There’s no word yet on why Square Enix decided to delay the release of “Final Fantasy XV,” but it’s possible that its developers are still fine tuning the game. There have been rumors circulating that the current state of “Final Fantasy XV” is still quite unstable. If the rumors were true, then a two-month delay should give the developers time to fix any potential issues that could plague the game during its initial release. It’s important to note that delays are fairly common during the latter weeks of the summer season, as explained by Mashable.

Publishers and developers often have a difficult time with scheduling last-minute changes. With “Final Fantasy XV” being one of the most expansive titles to be released this year, it’s not hard to imagine the level of difficulty to properly optimize it for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Square Enix began development on “Final Fantasy XV” way back in 2006. It was originally called “Final Fantasy Versus 13” until the publisher retitled it in 2015. At this year’s E3, Square Enix officially announced the game’s September release date. As of this writing, GameStop still lists “Final Fantasy XV” as having a Sept. 30, 2016 release on its website.


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