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Final Fantasy XV For Xbox, PS4 Released: Tips, Tricks and Rewards

“Final Fantasy XV” Xbox and PlayStation 4 version is finally out, eight months after the demo version of the game was released. The game has been in development for 10 years.

“Final Fantasy XV” is the fifteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series and features the game’s main character, Noctis, as a child who has fallen into a deep slumber due to an injury and must explore a mythical world, collect weapons and fight monsters with the help of a creature called the Carbuncle. Only players who have completed the demo will be able to obtain Carbuncle in the main game.

Here are some tips to help you ace the game:

1. Play the Tutorial:

When you load the game for the first time, it will give you the option of going through a combat tutorial and reviewing the lore of Eros — the mythical world of “Final Fantasy XV.” It will help you train through the elements of combat, including striking, blocking, warping, magic and team techniques.

2. Follow the story:

“Final Fantasy XV” has a complicated plot and has Noctis browsing through a series of paintings explaining the plot and character relationships.

3. Participate in hunting missions:

The game is all about hunting monsters. “Final Fantasy XV” will offer new beasts to be slayed and each kill will increase your experience, rewards and ranking as a hunter, leading to even more rewards. It will also fatten your gil pouch.

4. Interact will locals in new areas in the game:

Most “areas” in the game will have a small diner. If players go and talk to the attendants, they will offer new bounty hunts, give you information about the area and give you food. Doing this will load the treasure locations, elementary deposits, parking spaces and more into your map.

5. Stock up on items:

Compared to the previous versions, “Final Fantasy XV” offers less magic and more items. It will offer more potions, elixirs and phoenix downs in battles. Stocking them up will ease your journey in the game.

6. Take rest at campsites and hotels:

You only level up in the game when you are resting at a campsite or hotel. Staying at a hotel costs gil but increases team experience, while players can get Ignis to cook at campsites. Meals will provide temporary status boosts.

7. Eat before battles:

Food in “Final Fantasy XV” boosts health and attack capabilities.

8. Stamina Refresh:

Players have two options — drive or run. Driving is quicker but restricts the player’s movement. Running boosts speed but costs stamina. Stamina can be refreshed using a simple trick — just release the sprint button and hold it down again.

9. Use a Chocobo:

Players will get access to health upgrades called Chocobos, which will let them run at a faster pace.

10. Blocking:

Noctis has a “phase” skill, which he can use to dodge big hits in battles. Instead of tapping on the block button, players need to use the hold button in “Final Fantasy XV.”

11. Wait Mode:

“Final Fantasy XV” offers two modes: Active and Wait. Players can switch between the two mid-battle using the start button menu. In Wait mode, the combat will slow down and allow players to scan enemies, see their HP level and find out their weaknesses.

12. Don’t stay out night:

In the game, Daemons come out to play at night. Unless you have a quest needing you to stay out late, it is best to spend the night at a nearby campsite or hotel.


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