Where to find Command-line Utilities for Batch Files

Command-line utilities are useful for expanding the capabilities of batch files. There are many more available, but the below list can be used as a starting point.

Free Command-line Utilities for Batch Files

Name Description Source Size Uncompressed (kB) More info/License
Nircmd A small command-line utility that can perform many different tasks NirSoft 43k Freeware. 32 and 64 bit versions also available
SwissFileKnife Combines many functions into a single, portable executable StahlWorks Technologies 1,576k BSD License. Binaries and source code available. Versions for Mac and Linux.
Util32 Twenty 32-bit useful command-line utilities Persoft 23-180k Freeware
Gow (Gnu On Windows) Over 100 useful open source UNIX applications compiled as native win32 binaries Brent Matzelle 1-1795k Open Source MIT License
BusyBox A single binary with many common Unix tools. Often used in embedded Linux systems. Fewer options than originals due to size optimization Ron Yorston 647k GNU General Public License
GnuWin Over 160 separately downloadable native Win32 open source utilities for Windows 2k-Win7 GnuWin Various GNU General Public License
Gammadyne’s Free DOS Utilities Sixteen various utilities including timers, file management tools, and a DOS shell Gammadyne’s Free DOS Utilities 76-421k Freeware
SystemTools Utilities A dozen utilities focusing on user account and networking tasks SystemTools Software Most under 50k Freeware
Rob nan der Woude’s Scripting Pages Descriptions and download links for a many utilities. Probably the most up-to-date and comprehensive listing of its kind Batch Utilities Various Almost entirely Freeware
Ritchie Lawrence A somewhat outdated (2005), but still useful list of command-line utilities Ritchie Lawrence Various Mostly Freeware
Horst Schaeffer’s Software Pages Several various utilities CMD 32/64 bit 4-35k Freeware
F2KO Software Over 40 utilities CMD Tools Various Freeware
Hexatomium About a dozen utilities Windows Apps by FS1 12-320k Free for personal use
DSToolBox Twelve utilities DreamCycle Studios 40-158k Freeware

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